NFT market’s decline reflects progress towards ‘authentic utility- Reports


  • NFT market correction signifies maturation, not distress.
  • NFTs extend beyond art, finding utility in entertainment.
  • Brands engage NFT enthusiasts, enhancing loyalty.

The world of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) is evolving, with a recent market correction indicating that the NFT industry is maturing and moving towards genuine utility. As the industry experiences a notable decline in prices and trading volume, several Web3 executives believe that this is a natural part of the market’s evolution.

Decentraland Foundation executive director Yemel Jardi has expressed the view that the recent decline in NFT prices should not be viewed as a sign of distress but rather as a signal that the technology is maturing. Jardi notes that market fluctuations are common and should be expected. He points to the prevalence of speculative trading as a factor contributing to the decline in NFT floor prices. However, he believes that as people become more educated about NFTs, their use cases, and their utility, the market will stabilize and shift its focus from speculation to innovation and practical utility.

Anjali Young, co-founder of Collab. Land, acknowledges the skepticism surrounding NFTs, especially during periods of market correction. She points out that many NFT projects faced challenges after marketplaces like OpenSea removed mandated royalty fees in late August. Despite this, Young firmly believes that NFTs are here to stay and anticipates their increasing use in loyalty programs, rewards, advertising, and as proof of authenticity in the near future.

While the NFT market has primarily been associated with digital art, Yemel Jardi emphasizes that NFTs have significant potential for various use cases in the broader digital landscape. They can represent ownership of tangible assets in innovative ways. Additionally, governments and institutions are expected to leverage NFTs for various purposes in the future. For example, China Daily, a Chinese-state-owned newspaper, has announced plans to launch a platform for trading digital collectibles, highlighting the growing interest in NFTs for applications beyond art.

NFTs evolving beyond art and gaining genuine utility

Scott Lawin, CEO of Candy Digital, a sports token platform, notes that the entertainment sector offers a substantial market for NFT adoption. He points out that a considerable percentage of Major League Baseball fans used digital commemorative tickets provided by Candy Digital as memorabilia, demonstrating the practical utility of NFTs. NFTs are not limited to artistic collectibles; they can serve as real-time utilities in various contexts.

Several prominent brands, including Adidas, Bud Light, Gucci, and Prada, have entered the NFT space. An increase in the number of active users on their Discord channels suggests that these brands are successfully engaging with NFT enthusiasts. This demonstrates the potential for NFTs to enhance brand engagement and loyalty among consumers.

As of the latest data available, the NFT market’s capitalization stands at $5 billion. Notably, Yuga Labs-owned CryptoPunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club collections are the two largest, with market caps of $710 million and $400 million, respectively. The NFT market continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs and interests of its participants.

The recent correction in the NFT market is viewed by industry executives as a sign of maturity and a shift toward genuine utility. While speculative trading has played a role in the decline in NFT prices, as individuals become more educated about NFTs, their use cases, and their utility, the market is expected to stabilize and prioritize practical applications and innovation. 

NFTs are no longer limited to the realm of digital art; they are increasingly being embraced by various sectors, including entertainment and brands, as they find new and valuable use cases. The future of NFTs holds promise, with governments and institutions also looking to leverage this technology for a range of applications.

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