NFT CryptoTrunks selling insanely on OpenSea amidst crypto crash

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TL;DR Breakdown

  • Users auctioning CryptoTrunks at good price on OpenSea
  • On May 23 , the NFT project paused for an hour to let gas fees cool
  • Sales of the NFT have been rising putting it on the same map as CryptoPunk

May has been a good month for CryptoTrunks following its rise into popularity and figures skyrocketing from a measly 2,000 to 7,657 generative trees minted. This news comes only a  week after the cryptocurrency market faced a downtrend and cleared an estimated $1 trillion in market cap. Users on CryptoTrunk have minted an estimated 645 genesis trees and the earlier mentioned figure of generative trees. The numbers are still growing, and one artist-in-residence went ahead to sell his collection of over 1,500 trees.

Following in the footsteps of its predecessor CryptoPunk, CryptoTrunks could be the next Non-Fungible Tokens Unicorn.  In fact, one user on CryptoTrunk ranks among the top 15 gas spenders on the Ethereum network. 

CryptoTrunks – the next NFT unicorn

The NFT ecosystem illustrates a cryptocurrency trader’s transaction history through a pixelated tree whose size reflects one’s carbon footprint and the damage they’ve incurred on the environment. On Friday alone, the platform could have grown an estimated 19,500 trees at no cost had it not been for Ethereum’s high gas fees, costing the blockchain lots of transactions. 

Still, the token is being auctioned on OpenSea at insanely high prices.

You can head out OpenSea and place your first bid for the highly coveted NFT. Remember there are only 1,500 pieces in existence of the Genesis CryptoTrunks  , a piece going for 0.5 ETH. 

Check out a screenshot of some of the listings below: 

Rare Genesis Mints for CryptoTrunk Trees (1500 edition)

NFT proponents have their hopes high that sales will keep increasing as the network users rise. However, their hopes are pegged on whether Ethereum will or will not solve its high gas fees problem. The good news is Ethereum itself is performing well when it comes to its price, a situation that is always going to make CryptoTrunk valuable and worth your time. 


CryptoTrunks is not hesitant to foot carbon footprint resulting from crypto mining activities. The team behind the project even went ahead to pause the project on May 23 after skyrocketing gas fees on the ETH blockchain. It resumed an hour later after the fees reduced to an environmentally conscious 150 gwei.  Well, it seems some good karma is finally paying off the project’s efforts in the campaign against global warming. 

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