Next-Gen Xbox Slated for 2026 Launch Ahead of PS6

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  • Rumors point to the next Xbox launching in late 2026, beating PS6.
  • Early launch lets Microsoft undercut pricing before PS6 arrives.
  • It’s risky, but Microsoft may deem it necessary after trailing this gen.

New rumors and reports suggest that the next Xbox console, which is still in development internally at Microsoft, might be launched in late 2026, putting it ahead of Sony’s PlayStation 6 debut. 

These timelines should be taken skeptically, as the Xbox 360’s launch also fell past the originally projected time frame.

Rumors Suggest Next Xbox May Launch Same Day as COD2026

The rumor starts with TheGhostofHope, a reliable Call of Duty leaker who claims to have inside information from his trusted sources. The rumor implies that Microsoft will release the next Xbox console in 2026 as a launch game for the next Call of Duty title to promote hardware sales by the company. 

This is not the first mention of an upcoming next-gen Xbox set to be released in 2026. In December 2023, YouTuber RedGamingTech emphasized the same facts and speculated that Microsoft might use AMD Ryzen Zen 5 to meet the 2024 deadline as Zen 6 might not be ready for the release.

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If the claims are accurate, then a 2026 launch would enable Microsoft to repeat the move it made in 2005 with the Xbox 360, which has been a success. When Xbox 360 hit the market one year before another PlayStation mobile game console appeared on shelves, Microsoft was also able to ensure that gamers in the main shooter genre and other genres would choose the console.

Microsoft Recorded Historical Sales Numbers With Xbox 360

The launch of Xbox 360 was a success, and over 84 million units were sold until 2014, compared to 24 million for Xbox and 58 million for Xbox One. In addition, the Xbox Series X/S has sold over 27 million units, with the waiting list still at its highest compared to the PlayStation 5’s 32.8 million consoles.

Microsoft’s plans for the upcoming console are to provide “the greatest technological advancement since the inception of sequel leads ever.” Given that it would skip the mid-generation refresh cycle, the company could shift its resources to build a powerful next-gen system. However, a next-generation update sequel will undoubtedly offset the performance gains for the later-released PS6.

At a launch earlier than Sony’s, Microsoft could initially price its console competitively but then scrap the price competition by the time the PS6 is due. However, the PS6 is likely to be better hardware-wise if released one or two years later, and thus, Microsoft may have to counter with policy changes or mid-generation updates.

The Risks of an Early Launch

There are many benefits to beating competitors in the main market, but the same factor has drawbacks. Early swiftness can sometimes bring forth several drawbacks. Introducing either partly underwhelming or at least unrefined hardware might sound the product’s death toll and would serve as confirmation for competing companies’ marketing campaigns. Microsoft claims to ensure that these are not quantitative risks that outweigh the rewards.

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It is important to exercise caution about any rumor, as there must be some weight behind such claims before the announcement. Nevertheless, the increasing claims imply that the latest rumors about Microsoft planning a next-gen Xbox launch in 2026 are somewhat close to reality. Analysts will thus pay keen attention to such events in the future.

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