Microsoft’s New Accessibility Controller Sparks Pricing Backlash

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  • The $199 disability Xbox controller was deemed too pricey.
  • Launch clouded by Microsoft studio closures.
  • Gamers criticize Microsoft’s mixed messaging.

Microsoft revealed a new controller this week to assist disabled Xbox users. Nevertheless, most market buyers grumble about its price tag.

Customizable controller unveiled

With “Proteus Controller” as a name, Microsoft’s customizable video game controller kit will be for players with much variance, including over 100 configurations combinable with snap-and-play parts and remapping buttons suitable for playability. This easy-to-grip and hold controller is the brainchild of the company ByoWave, which is auditioning for the Designed for Xbox program. The cubes are networked to be used by one hand, which reduces the stress of holding the device. The cubes have buttons that can be customized even further, allowing LED lighting to vary. Also, a different version of accessibility can be added.


Making its debut this Autumn, the Proteus Controller is equipped to work with the Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One consoles and PCs running Windows 10 and 11. Unfortunately, there is no indication that the ByoWave technology will initially work with the PS5 or the Switch. Still, the company reaffirms its readiness to collaborate with these consoles.


Nevertheless, the main problem for the Proteus Controller is not its price, which is believed to be less than 300 U.S. dollars. At one hundred ninety-nine dollars, that is way more than a recently discounted Xbox Series X/S console. Therefore, this is almost an eccentric amount that does not suit Xbox gamers’ moods.


Speaking on r/XboxSeriesX, one player said, ” It’s a bit high on the budget, but I’m thrilled about the collaboration to make the game accessible. The more players, the better.”


Another agreed, saying: “Isn’t it cool that Xbox designs such things, but it is also quite expensive? Such expensive product creates hindrances for gamers but with disability as they have to spend a lot of money just to play.”

Major studio closures announced

Indeed, Xbox seems to be trying ever harder to develop various new accessibility products. Still, the only thing end customers are supposed to pay for these products is an astronomical amount many cannot afford. Yesterday marked another devastating blow to the games industry after it was revealed that Microsoft would close four of Bethesda’s subsidiary studios: Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, Alpha Dog Studios, and Roundhouse Games.


Such an announcement, a major blow to the industry, has appeared especially rejected in connection with the release of one of 2023’s best-appreciated games, Hi-Fi Rush (Tango Gameworks).


Not only did the game miss last year qualify for the BAFTA for Best Audio Design, but it only took a few mere weeks to win the BAFTA for Best Animation.


Today, the studio declared that Tango Gameworks was to close. They continued to write, “We want to thank you to everyone united in the exploration Of the worlds we created. Hi-Fi Rush and Tango’s previous games will not change and remain playable everywhere they are today.” 

Community backlash intensifies

It has brought up an increasingly debated question in the sector: to what point can the financial prosperity of a particular game guarantee its developer’s success and continuity? In the case of AAA-sized budgets, as Hi-Fi Rush could not ensure the survival of Tango, it doesn’t look like the fortunes of similar projects like the upcoming well-known project by Ninja Theory.


What’s more, Hi-Fi Rush relies on licensed music, so while it’s playable now, it could be delisted in the future without further patches because of the flat termination policies. It fell to Arkane Austin (whom last year’s Redfall is credited to) to shoulder the blame when many media outlets confirmed that the Austin studio, for the most part, didn’t want to make this doomed project and was ordered for its public release before the game was ready. The refund that will be processed by those who purchased the Hero Pass is imminent.


In this vein, the crowd-pulled visits revealed that development at Mighty DOOM was already fully booked; thus, an alternative option was presented.


This update was based on the news that the new Fire Vapor Series X/S controller has been launched concurrently with this news. I wouldn’t be this troubled if it wasn’t a big reduction that has never happened before. It seems like a new shade or tone is released every day of the week.


The actual design of our game debuted on the Xbox blog, though, and the accompanying headline was not much better because the studios were closed down in a manner of four.


One of the first reporters who shared their disappointment with this move was Tom Warren from The Verge. Ricci asks himself, ‘Microsoft asks Xbox users to ‘feel the painfulness today’ with another limited edition Xbox controller on the day of simply closing Xbox studio. Isn’t it the funny timing of this?’


As the epidemic intensified, so did others’ conclusions. Thankfully, the PR disaster was resolved quickly, with the hesitant company also removing the inappropriate word.


Let us, nevertheless, stay connected to all the layoff-impacted developers and artists of different fields and keep inspiring them that this is not the end.

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