New York Times Puzzle Master Joel Fagliano Redefines Digital Puzzle Experience


  • Joel Fagliano, NYT Puzzle Master, revolutionizes digital puzzles with the Mini, captivating millions daily.
  • Crafting fresh puzzles daily, Joel blends familiarity with innovation, ensuring enjoyment for diverse audiences.
  • Embracing feedback and collaboration, Joel envisions a future where puzzles enrich lives in the digital era.

Joel Fagliano, renowned for his adeptness in puzzle crafting, has solidified his status as a mastermind in word puzzles. Beginning his journey as a teenager, Joel’s passion for puzzles flourished under the mentorship of Will Shortz, the esteemed crossword editor at The New York Times (NYT). 

Through diligent practice and guidance, Joel honed his skills, eventually earning his place as the creator of the NYT Mini puzzle, a digital sensation captivating millions of solvers daily.

The rise of the NYT mini puzzle

In August 2014, the NYT introduced a groundbreaking addition to its digital platform: the Mini puzzle, a compact five-by-five word puzzle designed to complement the main crossword. Spearheaded by Joel Fagliano, the Mini puzzle initially faced skepticism from traditionalists but swiftly gained traction, thanks to Joel’s innovative approach. 

With its blend of brevity, topicality, and clever misdirections, the Mini puzzle became successful, attracting a diverse audience eager to test their skills daily.

Joel’s secret to keeping the Mini puzzle concept fresh is his meticulous approach to puzzle creation. Unlike the larger daily crosswords, the Mini puzzle allows Joel greater flexibility, enabling him to focus on crafting smooth word interlocks and incorporating fresh, engaging clues. 

Drawing inspiration from various sources, including everyday observations and current events, Joel ensures each puzzle offers solvers a delightful challenge while remaining accessible to newcomers.

For Joel, the puzzle-making process begins with selecting words, designing the grid, and creating clues. Leveraging his keen eye for detail, Joel often draws inspiration from his surroundings, whether it’s a witty license plate slogan or a captivating headline. 

With a notebook brimming with potential clues and answers, Joel crafts each puzzle precisely, aiming to balance familiarity and intrigue.

Acknowledging the diverse demographics of Mini puzzle solvers, Joel tailors his puzzles to cater to a wide range of skill levels and interests. While seasoned puzzle enthusiasts may appreciate subtle misdirections and obscure references, Joel ensures newcomers feel welcomed by prioritizing accessibility and clarity. Joel ensures the Mini puzzle is enjoyable by incorporating familiar vocabulary and minimizing overly challenging elements.

Embracing creativity and innovation

In Joel’s world, innovation is key to puzzle-making success. Constantly pushing boundaries, he delights in introducing new elements and unconventional answers to surprise solvers. Whether it’s a never-before-seen word or a cleverly misleading clue, Joel strives to keep solvers on their toes, fostering a sense of excitement and discovery with each puzzle.

Despite his mastery, Joel remains open to feedback and collaboration, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives in puzzle creation. From internal testing to reader feedback, Joel continuously refines his craft, ensuring the Mini puzzle maintains its reputation for quality and enjoyment.

Joel sees boundless opportunities for expanding the puzzle gaming experience as the digital landscape evolves. With a focus on digital-first initiatives and user-centric design, Joel envisions a future where puzzles seamlessly integrate into everyday life, enriching minds and sparking joy across diverse global audiences.

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