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Connections by NYT

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  • New York Times launches the Connections puzzle game, reset daily at midnight, a fun and challenging word game.
  • Players categorize words into groups, with hints available, and strive for a winning streak.
  • Solve puzzles, like today’s themes: Ice Cream Treats, Hardware Fasteners, Cooking Oil, and Sticky _____, or check answers if stuck.

The New York Times has introduced a captivating puzzle game known as “Connections,” adding yet another engaging dimension to its repertoire of brain-teasers. This intriguing game, which resets daily at midnight, presents players with the challenge of categorizing a set of 16 words into four secret groups by deciphering the connections that bind them. Much like the popular Wordle, “Connections” enables players to gauge their performance with a winning streak and foster friendly competition with friends.

How to play Connections?

In the realm of “Connections,” players encounter a grid of 16 words and are tasked with assembling them into four sets of four by identifying the underlying connections that unite these seemingly disparate terms. They can span diverse themes, such as video game franchise titles, book series sequels, shades of red, or even the names of chain restaurants.

The intrigue lies in the fact that some words may appear to fit multiple themes, but only one combination is unequivocally correct. To aid in the quest, players have the option to shuffle and rearrange the word grid for enhanced visibility of potential connections.

Each group is thoughtfully color-coded to indicate varying levels of difficulty. The yellow group poses the easiest challenge, followed by green, blue, and purple, each progressively more demanding.

To participate, players must select four words and submit their choices. A correct guess results in the removal of the selected words from the grid, unveiling the theme linking them. An incorrect guess, on the other hand, accrues as a mistake. Players have a limited allowance of four mistakes before the game concludes.

Hints for solving Connections

For those encountering a particularly tricky puzzle, the New York Times offers assistance by revealing the four themes and providing one word from each group. This extra support can be invaluable in unraveling the puzzle’s mysteries.

Today’s Themes:

  1. Ice Cream Treats
  2. Hardware Fasteners
  3. Kinds Of Cooking Oil
  4. Sticky _____

One-Answer Reveals:

  • Ice Cream Treats – Float
  • Hardware Fasteners – Bolt
  • Kinds Of Cooking Oil – Corn
  • Sticky _____ – Fingers

Today’s answers

Should players find themselves stumped despite the available hints, the New York Times generously provides the correct answers for the day. The solutions for today’s puzzle are as follows:

  • Ice Cream Treats – Float, Shake, Split, Sundae
  • Hardware Fasteners – Bolt, Nail, Rivet, Screw
  • Kinds Of Cooking Oil – Corn, Olive, Palm, Peanut
  • Sticky _____ – Fingers, Note, Rice, Wicket

It’s important to note that Connections grids exhibit considerable variation and transform daily. Thus, even if today’s puzzle remains unsolved, the anticipation of a fresh challenge beckons players to return tomorrow.


The New York Times’ “Connections” puzzle game is a testament to the newspaper’s commitment to intellectual engagement and entertainment. With its daily reset, diverse themes, and color-coded challenge levels, it offers a compelling opportunity for players to exercise their cognitive prowess.

Whether you’re an avid puzzle enthusiast or simply seeking a stimulating diversion, “Connections” promises to provide an intellectually gratifying experience. The game’s ability to nurture friendly competition among friends adds an extra layer of enjoyment.

So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey of mental agility and puzzle-solving prowess, the New York Times’ “Connections” awaits. Put your thinking cap on, sharpen your wits, and prepare for a daily dose of brain-teasing fun. The challenge is yours to embrace, and the satisfaction of cracking each puzzle’s code is your reward.

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