Neutron Protocol Team Tackles Vulnerability in Atomicals-js CLI


  • The Neutron Protocol team identified and is addressing a critical vulnerability in the Atomicals-js CLI version 0.1.63, which led to the unintentional broadcasting of transactions with invalid Bitwork.
  • As a precaution, users are advised to revert to the previous stable version (0.1.62) while the team works on a fix, demonstrating their commitment to ensuring the security and stability of the Atomicals Protocol.

In the dynamic and ever-evolving world of blockchain technology, maintaining the security and integrity of digital platforms is paramount. Recently, the Neutron Protocol team faced a significant challenge when they discovered a vulnerability in the Atomicals Protocol, specifically within the atomicals-js Command Line Interface (CLI) version 0.1.63.

The discovery, made during an optimization process of the Atomicals ARC20 code, revealed a critical issue that led to the unintentional broadcasting of transactions with invalid Bitwork. The situation not only posed a potential risk to the protocol’s operations but also to its users, highlighting the need for constant vigilance and prompt action in the blockchain space.

Neutron Protocol uncovering and understanding the vulnerability

The vulnerability in the atomicals-js CLI was a serious concern for the Neutron Protocol team. It was identified that the flaw allowed for the broadcasting of new transactions with invalid Bitwork, a situation that could lead to operational disruptions and security breaches. The team’s immediate focus was on understanding the root cause of the vulnerability, assessing its potential impact, and developing a strategy to address it effectively. The proactive approach is crucial in the blockchain industry, where the security of transactions and the protection of user data are of utmost importance.

In their analysis, the Neutron Protocol team found that the vulnerability was a result of certain oversights in the CLI’s latest version. These oversights led to scenarios where transactions could be executed without the necessary validation checks, thereby compromising the protocol’s integrity. The team’s thorough investigation into the issue underscores their commitment to not only resolving immediate concerns but also to understanding deeper systemic issues that could affect the protocol’s long-term security and stability.

Immediate measures for user protection

Upon discovering the vulnerability, the Neutron Protocol team took immediate steps to mitigate any potential risks to users. They advised all users of the Atomicals Protocol to temporarily revert to the previous stable version of the CLI, version 0.1.62. The recommendation was made to ensure that users could continue their operations on the platform without the risk of encountering the identified vulnerability. Such swift and decisive action is critical in the fast-paced world of blockchain, where delays in addressing security issues can have far-reaching consequences.

The team’s advisory also included detailed instructions for users on how to revert to the older version of the CLI, ensuring that even those with limited technical expertise could follow the process easily. The user-centric approach in handling the situation reflects the Neutron Protocol team’s understanding of the diverse nature of their user base and their commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for all.

Ongoing efforts to enhance security

In response to the vulnerability, the Neutron Protocol team embarked on a comprehensive effort to develop a fix. It involved not only addressing the immediate issue but also implementing additional safeguards to prevent similar vulnerabilities in the future. The team’s approach was methodical and thorough, involving rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure that the new version of the CLI would be robust and secure.

The team’s commitment to continuous improvement is a key aspect of their strategy to maintain the trust and confidence of their users. They understand that in the blockchain world, the security landscape is constantly changing, and staying ahead of potential threats is essential. By regularly updating their systems, conducting security audits, and engaging with the wider blockchain community, the Neutron Protocol team is able to identify and respond to emerging security challenges effectively.


The Neutron Protocol team’s response to the vulnerability in the Atomicals-js CLI is a testament to their expertise, dedication, and commitment to maintaining a secure and stable blockchain environment. Their proactive approach to addressing the issue, advising users, and working on a comprehensive fix demonstrates their leadership in the field. As the blockchain landscape continues to evolve, the role of experienced and vigilant teams like the Neutron Protocol becomes increasingly important in navigating the challenges and opportunities of innovative technology. Their ongoing efforts to enhance security and functionality are crucial in ensuring the long-term success and reliability of the Atomicals Protocol, and by extension, the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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