NEC Unveils AI-Powered RAN Optimization Solution for Enhanced Remote Device Performance


  • NEC’s new AI boosts 5G network for robots and AGVs, reducing downtime by 98%.
  • AI-powered robots can now handle messy environments with precision, enhancing productivity in factories.
  • Collaborations with Adtran, Infinera, and Juniper Networks enrich NEC’s enterprise solutions for digital transformation.

NEC, a prominent Japanese kit maker, has introduced a groundbreaking Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization solution driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI). This cutting-edge technology aims to elevate the performance and reliability of remote-controlled devices within 5G networks. 

Traditionally, RAN parameters remain fixed across the network, but NEC’s innovation promises dynamic adjustments tailored to individual user terminals such as robots and automated guided vehicles (AGVs).

AI-driven customization enhances connection stability

Through sophisticated AI algorithms, NEC’s solution analyzes communication requirements and fluctuations in radio quality on a per-user terminal basis. This granular approach allows for real-time adjustments in modulation, coding scheme, radio resource allocation, and maximum allowable delay, optimizing connection stability. 

The AI’s predictive capabilities anticipate latency performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations crucial for devices navigating dynamic environments.

NEC’s AI-driven RAN optimization implications are profound, particularly for industries reliant on remote-controlled devices like robots and AGVs. Fluctuating network performance can disrupt operations, leading to safety concerns and decreased productivity. 

NEC’s simulations reveal an impressive 98 percent reduction in robot stoppages, underscoring the transformative impact of their solution.

NEC plans to integrate this groundbreaking technology into its RAN intelligent controllers (RICs), aligning with O-RAN Alliance standards for seamless adoption. Demonstrations will commence by March 2025, promising enhanced network efficiency and reliability. This innovation addresses existing challenges and lays the foundation for future advancements in telecommunications.

AI empowers robots to navigate disorderly environments

In a separate endeavor, NEC showcases AI’s potential in robotics beyond telecommunications. Their AI solution enables robots to handle objects arranged haphazardly, a common challenge in factories and warehouses. 

Robots can learn to navigate and manipulate objects precisely by interpreting camera data and predicting outcomes, enhancing productivity and adaptability in diverse environments.

NEC’s commitment to innovation extends beyond telecommunications, as evidenced by strategic partnerships with industry leaders Adtran, Infinera, and Juniper Networks. 

This collaboration enriches NEC’s Value Added Network Solution Suite, incorporating AI-powered network management, data center interconnect solutions, and an AI-Native Networking Platform. 

These enhancements cater to the evolving needs of corporate clients undergoing digital transformations, offering tailored solutions for diverse infrastructure requirements.

Driving digital transformation in the post-5G era

NEC’s multifaceted approach underscores its dedication to driving digital transformation in the post-5G era. With a focus on flexibility and innovation, NEC aims to address the unique challenges modern businesses face. 

By leveraging expertise and fostering strategic collaborations, NEC paves the way for a future where advanced technologies empower organizations to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

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