Nasdaq introduces groundbreaking AI-powered order type with SEC’s green light


  • Nasdaq unveils the Dynamic M-ELO, the first AI-powered order type, enhancing trade efficiency and execution quality with SEC’s endorsement.
  • Beyond order types, Nasdaq’s AI ventures, like the Strike Price Optimization Program, highlight a broader trend of technology-driven transformations in the financial sector.

In a significant move towards modernizing the stock exchange landscape, Nasdaq has unveiled its latest innovation: the Dynamic Midpoint Extended Life Order (M-ELO). This revolutionary order type, powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), has received the stamp of approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This development underscores Nasdaq’s dedication to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance the efficiency and performance of its exchange.

The advent of dynamic M-ELO: A game-changer in stock exchange

Nasdaq’s M-ELO is designed to match counterparties with longer-term investment perspectives on a broker-neutral, SEC-regulated platform. The mandatory short waiting period before any trade can be executed sets this order type apart. This ensures that only genuinely interested parties engage in transactions, enhancing the quality of trades.

The newly introduced Dynamic M-ELO goes a step further by incorporating AI to make real-time adjustments to the holding periods for participants. This dynamic approach aims to enhance fill rates and minimize market impact. Preliminary tests have shown promising results, with the AI model considering over 140 factors and delivering an average volume-weighted improvement exceeding 30%. This innovative order type not only boosts liquidity but also improves execution quality, two aspects often seen as being at odds with each other. By dynamically adapting to live market conditions, Dynamic M-ELO bridges this gap.

The original M-ELO was based on a fixed holding period tailored to generic market conditions. However, after comprehensive research and feedback from market participants, Nasdaq identified that adjusting the holding period in real-time significantly improves execution quality and offers protection against unfavorable selections. This insight led to the creation of the Dynamic M-ELO, which has demonstrated a remarkable 20.3% surge in fill rates and an 11.4% decrease in mark-outs.

Bringing technology and market modernization together

Tal Cohen, President of Market Platforms at Nasdaq, emphasized the company’s dedication to responsibly bringing innovation to the forefront. “AI-powered Dynamic M-ELO epitomizes our aspiration to enhance the quality of our markets. It’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to rolling out pioneering products and tools that cater to the diverse needs of all market players,” Cohen remarked.

Kevin Kennedy, Executive Vice President of North American Trading Services at Nasdaq, echoed similar sentiments. He highlighted Nasdaq’s decades-long investment in technology and data standardization, which has positioned the company to harness new technologies like AI to refine price discovery and market efficiency. “Dynamic M-ELO is tailored to deliver optimal results by smartly adapting to live market scenarios, thereby elevating execution quality and fill rates. As the market landscape becomes increasingly volatile, we are geared up to support our clients with top-tier markets and avant-garde solutions,” Kennedy stated.

Nasdaq’s foray into AI: Beyond just order types

The introduction of the AI-powered order type isn’t Nasdaq’s sole venture into the realm of artificial intelligence. This year, the company also incorporated predictive AI into its US options markets. This initiative was conceptualized to enhance efficiency and align strike lists more closely with market demand and client needs across all of Nasdaq’s US options exchanges.

Considering the vast number of individual options symbols listed in the US, which stands at a staggering 1.5 million, Nasdaq felt the pressing need to refine its capabilities in determining new strike listings. Enter Nasdaq’s Strike Price Optimization Program. This program sifts through millions of potential daily symbols, leveraging predictive AI to gauge their prospective demand. It then pinpoints which strikes are likely to be traded and which aren’t, ensuring a steady number of strikes listed while bolstering liquidity and streamlining internal operations. 

Every change proposed by this AI-driven program undergoes rigorous human scrutiny to guarantee precision and comprehensiveness. This innovative approach has significantly reduced the manual labor needed to identify new listings, which involves analyzing millions of symbols daily.


Nasdaq’s recent advancements, particularly the introduction of the AI-powered Dynamic M-ELO, signify a transformative shift in the world of stock exchanges. This isn’t merely about integrating new technologies but redefining how stock exchanges operate, ensuring they’re more efficient, responsive, and aligned with the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

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