Music school based in Scotland now accepts Bitcoin payment

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  • Crypto continues to gain ground in Academics.
  • Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh excited about Bitcoin payment.

The Morningside School of Music in Edinburgh, Scotland, announced that it would begin accepting crypto payment for music classes. The music school said it now accommodates crypto payment in response to suggestions from adult students in the school as many of them work in the growing fintech sector.

The blend between education and cryptocurrency continues to smoothen as news of schools incorporating cryptocurrencies into their curriculum continues to make headlines.

Edinburgh music school director speaks highly of crypto

The Edinburgh music school director, Linda Boyd, said that the school is also not new to cryptocurrencies as they have previously used crypto to make certain purchases before. She notes that they see the utility in accepting crypto payments.

She said, “We sometimes use things like Bitcoin to pay for goods for the school, so we know how fast and easy it is and want our music students to be able to do the same, she said.

The music school director said further that their resolve to accepting crypto payment is like a small business embracing new trends after an example set by larger firms. She said it is also an alternative viable means of payment for school fees and other students’ academic bills. She made further reference to the growing fintech space in the city as unending requests for the school to receive crypto payment continued to roll in.

The fintech space in the city of Edinburgh has continued to be on an upward trajectory for the past two years. FinTech Scotland, a group in the country which operates alongside Edinburgh University, was recently awarded a $30.9 million grant to establish a Global Open Finance Centre of Excellence in the city. This was to acknowledge its status as a prominent national fintech cluster.

The music school director said that crypto payment for goods and services would be a norm very soon.

Crypto and academics

Cryptopolitan reported recently that students in Georgia would begin learning crypto in high school. Legislators in the state moved after proposing a bill for crypto learning to be incorporated into the academic curriculum.

The bill outlined 16 courses concerning crypto learning in high school. The courses also contain traditional financial lessons like investing, money management, loan applications, checkbook balancing, among others. In 2019, the French education ministry also implemented a Bitcoin and cryptocurrency module to its high school curriculum.

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