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Mina Stones announces pilot blockchain tracking project

blockchain tracking project

Mina Stones, an African gemstone and jewelry manufacturer, has announced the start of a pilot agreement with Credits, which will aim to work on a blockchain tracking project.

The idea behind this partnership is to create a functional platform, which will provide customers and partners with information about the origin and quality of the gemstones used in Mina Stones jewelry.

Blockchain tracking project

The primary function of the new Credits platform will be to allow Mina Stones and its corporate partners to track the gemstones from the mines in Nigeria to the parties making the jewelry. 

Of course, the blockchain tracking project also aims to bring a higher level of transparency in Mina Stones’ operations. The gemstone mining industry is notorious, as a big part of the gems used in jewelry actually come from illegal mining operations. 

To differentiate itself from such illegal operations, Mina Stones is going to keep an up-to-date profile on all orders and track them as they travel between the mine and the companies buying the gemstones. 

Blockchain tracking is becoming widely popular in many industries, not only in gemstone mining operations. Examples of some of the large-scale blockchain traceability projects include the IBM Food Trust. This project aims to boost sustainability and improve traceability, so customers have accurate information about the origin of the food they consume. 

Mina Stones is one of the revolutionary jewelry companies looking to stay in tune with modern technology, and to provide their customers with assurances when it comes to the origin of their products. 

This is an excellent strategy to keep up with new trends while bringing additional benefits to the customer base. 

Featured Image by Pixabay

Tina Yordanova

Tina Yordanova

Back from her stint with European Central Bank, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, Societe Generale, Hilton Hotels, and Aviva International, Tina rejoins Cryptopolitan with a deeper insight regarding the financial world, blockchain enterprises and institutions and practices involved in it. She is eager to share her rounded perspective honed from the biggest media analysis companies on the Balkans.

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