Michael Saylor tips future regulation to favor Bitcoin

Michael Saylor

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  • Microstrategy’s Michael Saylor has tipped regulators to drum up rules that will favor Bitcoin in the future.
  • Bitcoin continues to steady upward despite regulatory uncertainty.

Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy and a prominent advocate for Bitcoin, has expressed his belief that enforcement actions taken by US regulators against cryptocurrency firms could ultimately benefit the leading cryptocurrency. Saylor suggested that such actions, including those by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), may result in a Bitcoin-focused industry that could drive its price to exceed $250,000.

Michael Saylor drums regulatory clarity for Bitcoin

Saylor highlighted the distinction made by SEC Chair Gary Gensler, who excluded Bitcoin from being classified as a security. According to Saylor, this favorable treatment of Bitcoin by regulators positions it uniquely among cryptocurrencies. He further stated that US regulators seem to lack a positive outlook on cryptocurrencies in general, showing little interest in stablecoins, crypto-tokens, or crypto-based derivatives.

The catalyst behind the projected significant price surge, according to Michael Saylor, would be the crypto exchanges. He explained that the SEC views crypto exchanges as platforms for trading and holding pure digital commodities like Bitcoin. Consequently, Saylor believes that the entire crypto industry may eventually be streamlined into a Bitcoin-focused market, with only a handful of other proof-of-work tokens remaining.

Michael Saylor mentioned that Bitcoin’s market share has already increased from 40% to 48% in 2023, potentially influenced by the SEC’s enforcement activities and the labeling of 68 cryptocurrencies as securities, none of which are proof-of-work. He anticipates Bitcoin’s dominance to grow further, potentially reaching 80%, as institutional investors increasingly embrace the crypto market once the confusion and anxiety surrounding it subside.

However, it is worth noting that Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin-centric views have faced criticism from other industry figures. Some critics argue that a “multichain future” is inevitable, as different blockchains serve different purposes. Ethereum-based wallet MetaMask and others share this perspective, highlighting the potential of multiple blockchains coexisting.

Bitcoin steadies despite regulatory constraints

Mike McGlone, a senior macro strategist at Bloomberg Intelligence, suggested in early May that a “deflationary bust” affecting commodities and bank deposits could also impact the crypto market. This highlights the interconnectedness of various asset classes and the potential ripple effects that could affect Bitcoin.

Economist Lyn Alden raised concerns about Bitcoin’s prospects in the second half of 2023, cautioning that resolving the US debt issue could lead to a withdrawal of liquidity from markets. This liquidity contraction might create a vulnerable period for risk assets, including Bitcoin, as both the Treasury and the Federal Reserve could be involved in reducing market liquidity.

As the regulatory landscape evolves and market dynamics shift, the future of Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency industry remain uncertain. The interplay between regulatory actions, investor sentiment, and technological advancements will continue to shape the trajectory of cryptocurrencies, making it an area of significant interest and debate among industry participants and observers alike.

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