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TL; DR Breakdown

  • MetaMask announces new iOS update
  • Apple Pay update to simplify Ethereum purchase
  • The company announces more updates

The mainstream adoption of digital assets has paved the way for numerous integrations that the assets have enjoyed. Crypto has gone from a financial market asset to become one of the leading modes of exchange. In another update regarding this, MetaMask has announced that it has rolled out a new update for users of iOS. In its core update regarding Apple Pay, the Consensys owned wallet will allow users to purchase digital assets using the application.

Apple Pay update to simplify Ethereum purchase

With the update, MetaMask will eliminate the need for users to seek an alternative method of transferring crypto to their accounts. According to the update, MetaMask has employed payment companies Wyre and TransaK to support debit and credit card payments. Apple Pay users can also use the cards already saved on their mobiles to purchase Ethereum. In the update, MetaMask mentioned that a single user would be able to purchase nothing more than $400 worth of Ethereum every day.

The company says they are lower than normal transactions in terms of gas fees. Users are not mandated to pay for gas fees only when the project pays on their behalf or if they carry out transactions from a private chain. MetaMask also revealed that it doesn’t earn from proceeds of gas fees when users make transactions involving Ethereum.

MetaMask releases more updates

Users who intend to purchase stablecoins like USDT, DAI, and USDC have been doing so on the Ethereum mainnet integrated on MetaMask. This latest update will see users be open to buying digital assets with more than 60 different currencies. The company also mentioned that US-based traders would also be able to add Fantom and Avalanche to their purchasable digital assets if they wish.

However, the cost of transactions and method of payments are not the same for all users across a specific region. In another update, MetaMask gave a detailed explanation of how tokens will be sent to users henceforth. According to the company, users would need to send the tokens to a contract address which will then be given clear information on how to send them to the recipient’s wallet. With that, users can know which contract to save.

In another update, the company recently warned that users should be careful when interacting with contracts. Finally, the company also announced the integration of a dark mode feature which can be toggled on or off according to the system settings of the particular mobile phone.

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