Malta licenses Kintaro a cryptocurrency private investment firm

Kintaro Capital is a new subunit under testing of the Konfido blockchain studio. Since the month of February of this year, it is considered to be among the europian union funds that have earned the approval of its Private Investment Crypto license.

The license has been granted to them by the Malta Financial Services Authority. Because of this Kintaro Capital is the first crypto fund that is regulated by the Maltese government and law.

This license allows the clients and the company to have a lot of benefits. Malta abides by all the rules and regulations of the Europian Union, which is why it is the one that is responsible for the protection and security of the finances of the investor. Malta has just recently been acknowledged as a hub of financial innovation.

This regulated environment of crypto is actually beneficial for the crypto space because now more people will enter and test out the technology confidently. Many people fear to invest in crypto because of its decentralized and unpredictable nature, but with the help of Kintaro Capital, many people will experiment with crypto space without the fear of losing their assets or getting scammed.

Kintaro Capital is very experienced in the crypto space and has almost three years of experience in dealing with crypto and blockchain technology. Mervyn Maistry is the chairman of Kintaro Capital. Along with him, Mr. Brendan Robertson is a very active Board member. Mr. Brendan Robertson has the admirable skill and a hefty twenty years of experience in the space as he was the HPS at Kieger AG

Kintaro’s ‘Digital Innovation Fund’ is also open to Qualified Investors under the MFSA PIF administration with the minimum investment starting from a hundred thousand euro (€100,000) or near to this price range.