Bitcoin payments coming to what’s app through thirdparty

Recent news suggests that soon Whatsapp and other such platforms will have the option of making payments through bitcoin and cryptocurrency. This can be done by using a crypto wallet called Wuabit. Wuabit allows access to current and future blockchain services from apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram etc.

Wuabit is a software agent. It is said to be run by a special type of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The developers have made an effort to make the software easy to use as much as possible. Transactions won’t need some commands to be made but will occur with just a tap on the screen

It was revealed that the prototype would be tested by the public. It is expected to start next month. As of now the wallet only supports cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, but after the initial set up is stable, they will look into incorporating more currencies.

The developers hope that this ease of access will help in the widespread adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Using chatting platforms like Whatsapp and telegram will help them reach to a wider audience that will have first-hand exposure to this technology.

Wuabit is not the only one in trying out this route, but other social media platforms like Facebook are also making their moves. Facebook has just recently announced that it would be launching its own cryptocurrency.

Similarly, Samsung, the mobile service provider, also launched its very own crypto wallet. This goes to show that wide-scale adoption of crypto can occur only when an audience is given an opportunity to try it out in the easiest and accessible manner.