Fake followers on Justin Sun’s Twitter account, How possible is it?

Cover Justin Sun’s Twitter Account Reaches 1 Mln Followers Some Suspect Part of Sun’s Twitter Fans Are Fake

Justin Sun’s twitter account has achieved and surpassed the milestone of one million followers. It is unknown if all the followers are genuine or fake, nevertheless, it doesn’t alter the fact. There are estimates that about one-third of these followers are fake.


Ever since the start of the Tron Foundation, the social media presence of the foundation has been on the increase surpassing one million mark. The CEO’s Facebook account has also experienced tremendous growth, nearly reaching five million followers already. This social media presence is a feat Justin Sun can’t help but lay emphasis on.

The experts believe the Foundation’s followers, both on Twitter and Facebook, started increasing just after the opening of BTT. The interview granted to these known media outlets, CNBC and Bloomberg might have equally contributed to this increase. In the Interview, Justin Sun discussed the decentralization of Bitcoin and Tron.

He also mentioned during the interview with CNBC, that the market capitalization volume of Tron isn’t very significant considering the business is at its foundation stages. The CEO would rather put emphasis on technological development and adoption.


Following the increased social media presence, the online community reaction has been mixed, some offering congratulatory messages, while others utter sarcastic remarks about the development. A crypto trader with the name, Crypto Engineering offered an analysis of Justin Sun’s Followers, implying that about 30% of Justin’s followers are fake.

Compared with other twitter accounts, the analysis highlighted that the CEO has lesser fake followers, giving 40% as the median of fake followers.




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