Looney Tunes: Warner Bros and NIFTY launch NFT

Looney Tunes


  • Warner Bros has announced special plans regarding NFTs.
  • Warner Bros is celebrating the 80th anniversary of Looney by releasing NFTs.
  • It has announced a collaboration with the NFT brand Nifty for this purpose.

NFTs have gone mainstream, which is evident from the huge amount of spending on this form of digital art. Looney Tunes would be a new addition to the NFTs available in the market. Warner Bros and Nifty have announced plans to introduce this special NFTs collection on a special occasion.  

The value of NFTs traded in recent years has crossed billions of dollars, showing how many investments it can attract. The rush for NFTs has attracted various big companies to launch their NFTs. Various big brands have begun to use NFTs as collectibles, and they can be used for various purposes.

The launch of NFTs from big brands like Warner Bros will have a lasting impact. Here is a brief overview of Warner Bros’ plans for the launch of NFTs and how it will open up opportunities in the domain of NFTs.

The NFT era and Looney Tunes

This year, Warner Bros’ famous character Tweety is celebrating its 80th anniversary. The American film and entertainment company Warner Bros has announced that it would be celebrating this event by adding enhancements to the digital tech that it has been using. The latest addition would be Looney Tunes, a digital collectible for users.


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Warner Bros

According to the official sources, the new digital collectibles selection has been named ‘Looney Tunes: What’s up Block?’ It will be a series of NFTs that will tell the story of Warner Bros, the known American film and entertainment company. They have joined hands with Nifty, which will tell a fresh narrative. Looney Tunes will attract a significant number of customers because of the rich background of Warner Bros.

The current NFTs series for Looney Tunes will be a recollection of the synonymous animated film series. The featured cartoons in the Looney Tunes include Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Marvin de Martian, etc. The synonymous NFTs will feature the mentioned and other characters from the film series. Thus, Looney Tunes fans will be an opportunity to get real and digital collectibles in real life. It will also include earning rewards and benefits.

Transforming digital art

The current step by Looney Tunes would open up opportunities for other names in entertainment and other companies. As rewards and benefits have been included in the Looney Tunes, it will help further the company’s aim to promote this animated film. The special merchandise will help the fans get and exchange gifts in the form of NFTs. Warner Bros has launched other NFT projects like Looney Tunes. Some of these include Space Jam: A New Legacy, NFT trading cards, Matrix-themed avatars, etc.

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Yellow Canary would be the first character featured in Looney Tunes NFTs. It will be a nostalgic remembrance of events that amused people for more than eighty years. According to Jack Hackbarth, the head of the NFT project for Warner Bros, the launch of this project has been the result of the success of the previous projects.

The current project aims not to be a remembrance but also an expansion of the fanbase for this project. The pre-sale for this project will begin on June 20, and these will be sold on the following day. The website for Looney Tunes will share the snapshot of the NFT on June 15. The NFTs will be launched on Palm Blockchain, which is an Ethereum-based L-2 protocol.


Warner Bros and Nifty have launched the NFTs series for Looney Tunes. It is an addition to the previous series of NFTs that Warner Bros launched. The current NFTs collection will include rewards and other incentives. As it attracts customers, it will also help with the expansion of the fanbase for this animated film series based on NFTs. 

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