Litecoin price analysis 24 June 2019; Litecoin still has support on its way

Litecoin’s performance has been remarkable over the last couple of months, many dubbing it as the best trading crypto in the 2019 market. However, there are some smaller ones that gained just a little bit more.

Nevertheless, the popularity of Litecoin, compared to its growth pattern is already revolutionary, and it’s still on its way towards growth.

The new surge has been cut short due to Bitcoin‘s correction, but strong support is still behind the decreased LTC price of $135 at the moment of writing the article.

LTC price chart

LTC chart by Trading View

Looking at the medium term for Litecoin, all we have to do is remember the past three months of consistent 131% growth for the coin. The buyers are sure to press the push once again in anticipation of the August halving now that the price has decreased despite the Bitcoin surge.

Major resistance above $140 and $145 is to be expected.

When it comes to supporting, the coin has a guaranteed bedrock at $110 or $115 by the end of this summer.

Very few Litecoin traders are even considering to get rid of their portfolio in favour of a different coin or even for Bitcoin. At the moment, no altcoin has a guaranteed growth pattern ahead of it besides Litecoin. Having it under $135 is already a call to action for every trader involved.

The bullish surge is sure to come before the end of this week.