Litecoin LTC price predictions 13 May 2019; Litecoin on the rise due to a new wallet

Litecoin has recently announced that it is bringing a Litecoin oriented hardware wallet to the market and the investors went crazy

However, the wallet was not the only thing that contributed to the massive jump. Right before announcing the introduction of the new repository, Litecoin was adopted by

With two hard-hitting news coming out virtually at the same time, investors had every reason to get interested in LTC once again.

According to the charts, LTC managed to surge a little less than 14% over the course of the information spreading across the internet. It is currently sitting comfortably at $85.80 a piece, but strong resistance is expected in the days to come.

Simply introducing a wallet and a platform adapting the coin is not enough to break major price points such as $90, or even more, $100.

Therefore a small correction is to be expected in the coming days.

LTC price predictions may 13 2019

What Litecoin has in store for its investors

LTC is one of the best performing cryptocurrencies of 2019. It started off on the wrong foot by having fallen down to $30 and is now knocking the door at $90. Seeing nearly 300% growth over the course of just a couple of months put a smile on every investor’s face, but according to statistics, those same investors may be smiling ear-to-ear very soon.

Looking at the way a new bull rush has started for Bitcoin, it is expected that the top 10 altcoins will follow shortly. Furthermore, seeing how investors reacted to something as simple as a hardware wallet, the bull sentiment is guaranteed to remain.

A 14% increase due to such an addition is a clear message of what is to be expected of the coin in the future. The breaking of the $100 mark is realistic as the coin is preparing to form another upwards spiral.


  • Litecoin wallet caused a 14% surge
  • LTC is best performing coin with a 300% increase in 2019 so far
  • The bitcoin bullrush will drag other altcoins along potentially taking LTC to $100+ in 2019