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LiteBringer: top 5 most common beginner mistakes

frostbrite tundra

Building upon the foundational LiteBringer guide, today we will be addressing the top five most common beginner mistakes.

Litebringer: top five most common beginner mistakes

All players make the same mistakes when beginning LiteBringer. With this guide today, we hope to remove these unnecessary mistakes from play and help all players improve upon their blockchain gaming experience.

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Let’s begin:

#1: Resending characters on quests straight after the first block

When sending a character on a quest, one of the most common mistakes new players make is resending them on a quest – before it’s finished. This can be shown in the images below:

Quest progression: stages 1-4
Quest progression: stages 1-4

In this image we can see the process of a quest once a character is send on it.

  • 1the quest is in the preparing state – beginning once the next block arrives
  • 2the quest has begun and has 15 blocks to go till completion
  • 3the quest is almost complete with 3 blocks left until completion
  • 4the quest is complete – signaled by the yellow scroll with a tick icon in the bottom right corner

Many beginners see stage two (shown in red above) and resend their characters on the quest. This increases lite expenses, prevents the character from benefiting from increased loot/exp, and wastes player time. Always see the quest process through to stage four (shown in green above).

#2: Making more than 20 characters

For each character you make, you have to pay a subscription to send them each on quests. Once the limit of 20 characters is reached and each subscribed, you can no longer add a subscription to more characters. You can continue creating characters and sending them on the Garrison quest for starter equipment, but no other quests.

An example of this is shown in the images below:

20 character subscription limit
20 character subscription limit

This 20 character subscription limit is in place to ensure a level of fairness for all players and provide some challenge to the game.

Though certain methods have been found to get around this limit, it is highly advised that players do not follow such practice. To do so creates an unfair environment for players that abide by the LiteBringer character subscription limitation. Players following this practice could also jeopardize their own progress if future updates render this practice illegal/impracticable.

#3: Waiting for preparing quests to start before closing the game

When the Preparing for Quest message appears over your characters tab, many players tend to believe that closing the game at this point will cancel the quest. That assumption is incorrect. The Preparing for Quest message is a confirmation that the transaction has been made. An example of this is shown below:

Preparing for quest
Preparing for quest

However, if this message continues to appear – even once multiple blocks have passed and the client has been restarted – it should be easy to fix.

Open your computer’s Task Manager (ctrl+alt+delete on the keyboard), select the LiteBringer process (shown below), and ‘end task’.

Task manager LiteBringer end task
Task manager LiteBringer end task

This should rectify the error upon restarting the client and finding your characters fresh from the fight, ready to be resent on quests. If it does continue, please send a bug report via the Discord LiteBringer ‘bugs and reports’ channel for further assistance.

#4: Not understanding how to obtain ‘one time rewards’ from Shrines

Each Shrine has a list of ‘one time rewards‘ for reaching a specified ‘round condition’.

What new players often misunderstand are the requirements needed to obtain these bonuses. We will explore this in the pictures below:

Shrines: one time rewards
Shrines: one time rewards

In image two, we see the round condition and estimated amount.

  • The round condition shows how many rounds a character must be able to manage in one quest cycle.
  • The estimated amount is the estimated number of fire elemental stones that will be acquired following quest completion of all rounds.

In image one, the character can only accomplish 36 rounds over 36 blocks. As a result, no one time rewards are available because the 50 round mark is not reached.

However, in image three, the character can accomplish 117 rounds over 117 blocks and obtain the highlighted 300 and 1000 stone one time rewards. The green tick next to the 300 stone reward indicates that this reward has been acquired and can no longer be obtained by that character.

One time rewards highlighted
One time rewards highlighted

By hovering the mouse over the image three earlier, we can see that the 1000 stone reward is now accessible and will count towards the new estimated amount of 2474 fire elemental stones.

#5: Believing tier 6 is the ‘end of the game’

Many players new and old believe that LiteBringer is a game with a start, a middle, and an end. This again, is another mistake made by beginners.

Let’s speculate the scenario where each player reaches tier six and enjoys the plunders of tier six equipment and riches. First and foremost, this assumes that tier six will never be expanded upon into a tier seven, tier eight, or beyond. If tier six were ever to see another tier introduced, the ‘endgame’ would then become the penultimate tier, rather than the finale.

Tier six items
Tier six items

Secondly, all items can be evolved. Using elemental stones and green skyshards to evolve equipment, each item can – theoretically – be improved upon infinitely. This creates an expanse for players that can never be fully completed, and instead, another mode of shaping LiteBringer into the genre it strives to be – an idle game.

Infinite evolving potential
Infinite evolving potential

Compared to idle games such as Clicker Heroes and Realm Grinder, LiteBringer brings all the aspects required to succeed as an idle game – despite only being released just over two months ago. Taking it one step further than other idle games, LiteBringer provides a functional market for players to buy and sell on the blockchain – a feature unique to the genre.

As LiteBringer updates, grows and ‘evolves’, there will always be more to learn. Until then, I will keep creating guides to support the community.

Thank you for reading and quest on!

Special thanks to Constantin, Postpunk, Blangs, and the rest of the Discord LiteBringer community

Joshua O'Sullivan

Joshua O'Sullivan

Joshua has been a professional writer, editor and proofreader for close to a decade. He has created books, resuscitated multiple patients and managed to survive multiple life threatening experiences. With these experiences, he is always willing to strive to the challenge of any opportunity presented.

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