AI-Powered Reggie the Lion: A Teaching Tool at King’s College London


  • AI breathes life into education: Reggie the Lion becomes a dynamic teaching tool at King’s College London.
  • Generative AI enhances student engagement through personalized illustrations. 
  • Copyright considerations and AI tools play crucial roles in transforming education. 

King’s College London (KCL) celebrates the centenary of its beloved mascot, Reggie the Lion, and the milestone comes with a modern twist. Dr. Andrés Gvirtz, an assistant professor specializing in marketing technology and innovation at KCL’s business school, has harnessed the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform Reggie into an educational tool. In a pioneering move, Dr. Gvirtz employed generative AI, specifically text-to-image models, to create custom illustrations for his lecture materials. This innovative approach aims to engage students by making learning materials more personal and relatable, bridging the gap between traditional education and emerging AI technologies.

Bridging AI and higher education

AI’s role in higher education remains a topic of uncertainty and apprehension among educators. To explore the possibilities, Dr. Gvirtz ventured into the realm of generative AI. He discovered that AI could breathe life into Reggie the Lion, allowing him to become an integral part of his teaching materials. This creative initiative led to the creation of personalized illustrations that resonated with students, enhancing their learning experience.

Reggie in action: AI-powered visualizations

Dr. Gvirtz’s journey with AI and Reggie began by visualizing abstract concepts in a captivating manner. For instance, Reggie sported an electroencephalogram headset when discussing a psychological study related to consumer behavior. In another scenario, he strolled through a grocery store, illustrating the concept of retail and merchandise placement. These AI-generated images added depth and context to the curriculum, capturing students’ attention and enthusiasm.

Copyright considerations

While utilizing generative AI to create imagery can be a powerful tool, it can also raise copyright concerns. In Dr. Gvirtz’s case, KCL owns the rights to its mascot, Reggie the Lion. As he uses these AI-generated images exclusively for internal teaching purposes, copyright issues have not arisen. It’s important to note that certain organizations, such as Nature, have policies against using generative AI for imagery in their publications.

The tools behind the magic

Dr. Gvirtz experimented with various AI tools, including OpenAI’s DALL-E, Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney’s text-to-image models. Initially, some of these solutions required coding and technical expertise, but they have evolved to offer user-friendly log-in interfaces. These models excel at creating photorealistic images of humans but face challenges when generating imagery not present in their training data. Adapting illustration styles, such as mimicking Pixar’s computer-animation style, has proven effective, albeit requiring experimentation for the best results.

Student engagement and beyond

The “AI Reggie campaign” transcended being a creative exercise; it ignited students’ enthusiasm and curiosity by visualizing abstract concepts through AI-generated art. These personalized visuals not only made learning materials memorable but also deepened the connection between individual students and the university’s rich history. Furthermore, it piqued students’ interest in the underlying technology, inspiring many to explore AI on their own.

Looking ahead, Dr. Gvirtz envisions Reggie becoming an even more active part of student life. The initial images personalized the learning experience, leaving a lasting impact on students. The next step involves collaborative efforts with students themselves, strengthening lecture materials and further integrating AI into the educational process.

Dr. Andrés Gvirtz’s innovative use of generative AI has transformed King’s College London’s mascot, Reggie the Lion, into an engaging teaching tool. By harnessing AI’s power to create personalized illustrations, he has enhanced the learning experience for his students, bridging the gap between traditional education and cutting-edge technology. This pioneering initiative highlights the potential of AI in higher education and encourages educators to explore creative ways to leverage AI for effective teaching.

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