LinkedIn cryptocurrency job postings skyrocketed by 395% last year

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  • Job postings on LinkedIn featuring cryptocurrency terms increased by 395% for last year only in the US.
  • Last year was not only a market bull run for cryptocurrencies; it also featured increased crypto job opportunities on LinkedIn.

According to LinkedIn, cryptocurrency jobs postings in the US rose by 395% in 2021 alone. This figure is massive, considering that cryptocurrency is still unknown to many. However, it signals that the sector is very bullish in market price and social relations.

Crypto jobs on Linkedln skyrockets in a single year

The Crypto industry has recorded an impressive number of job postings for last year only on LinkedIn. It has risen by 395% from 2020 and even outpaced the general technology industry. The technology industry has an increase of 98%, almost doublings its figures from 2020. Considering that the pandemic has pushed the world economy down, these figures are impressive.

Additionally, no sector was free of crypto adoption in 2021. Many companies adopted the assets in different ways that required skilled personnel, increasing job opportunities for the crypto industry. Some of the main sectors touched by the requirement of crypto talent include software and finance. They contributed the highest number of crypto postings.

This year also looks green for crypto specialists as institutional adoption accelerates. Significant exchanges are also posting notices for job openings. Coinbase requires 250 people to fit their openings; Kraken requires 300, while Binance requires over 600 specialists.

Is the world mainstreaming cryptocurrency?

People who may not have the ability to switch their careers to cryptocurrency can still fit into the growing crypto adoption in the HR sector. They can accept remuneration in cryptocurrency and leap the benefits of cryptos wholesomely. Recently, Miami and New York mayors revealed that their cities would invest and pay salaries in BTC. Several athletes also accepted crypto salaries in 2021.

Even though the crypto career switch looks provisioning, not everyone supports it. Some LinkedIn users have hit at the crypto industry and its untrustful nature. One of the comments read that the industry is prone to scams that demoralize investors. Others raised concerns that cryptos are yet to impress in 2022 and may not sustain the incoming labor supply.

The bear market of 2018 made multiple crypto platforms lay off their staff which still worries many. However, the crypto industry is growing fast, adding hope to its professionals. Institutions adopt cryptocurrency in different means spanning from crypto products to NFTs to assets themselves. This adoption is the main reason why the job openings in the crypto industry are booming.

Even though crypto adoption is increasing fast, and most coins are reporting an increase in the number of holders each day, regulation will matter. Some regulators are siding with these assets while others are against them. However, the majority seems to have the idea of mainstreaming these assets in their economies.

El Salvador made BTC their legal tender last year and bought the coins repeatedly even after making losses due to the current dip. The US has also allowed crypto products like ETFs and Futures. Switzerland has also allowed the offering of crypto services in their banks. Other countries like Japan have installed crypto regulatory frameworks rather than banning them.

Multiple organizations have also accepted crypto payments which all point that cryptocurrency may play a crucial role in the future. These developments are encouraging to crypto enthusiasts, but everyone should research them since they are very risky.

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