Now LinkedIn and Reddit snooping on iOS clipboard data

Now LinkedIn and Reddit snooping on iOS clipboard data

Allegations of LinkedIn and Reddit snooping on iOS clipboard data have been reported. Reportedly, numerous iPhone iOS 14 apps are snooping on the phone’s clipboard data. Forget the Chinese TikTok, even popular ones such as LinkedIn and Reddit, are also facing similar accusations.

The recently unveiled iOS 14 beta for developers is affected by bugs. The latest code informs the Apple user if any application tries to access personal data from the device’s clipboard. Surprisingly, many users are getting alerts regarding numerous popular apps.

LinkedIn and Reddit snooping come as a surprise

The clipboard data is shared publicly with other iOS devices nearby. Contents of clipboard data include sensitive information, including financial data such as crypto addresses besides other personal user data. Shockingly, the shortcoming was reported by Mysk researchers way back in March, but Apple hasn’t bothered to rectify the issue so far.

LinkedIn and Reddit snooping on data aren’t as dangerous as per both companies. If an application triggers the alarm, it does not necessarily mean that user clipboard data is being shared publicly. However, it is unnerving for iOS users as even mainstream trusted applications are triggering alerts.

Don Morton found that the Reddit iOS app was accessing the user’s clipboard data. Reddit was quick to reply to the allegations and explained how they have resolved the issue. The suspected malfunction is happening results from a codepath that suggests URLs as the user types any URL. The social media giant further clarified that it does not store the user’s clipboard content. The said code is now updated and latest app version will go live on July 14th.

LinkedIn was also subjected to similar accusations. A prompt reply from Erran Berger of LinkedIn saved the day. He tweeted that the alleged code has been traced. It pertains to the text entered in the paste box. He also reiterated that the firm does not store this data.

iOS 14 is facing controversy before release

Long before LinkedIn and Reddit snooping began, the controversy began with TikTok. In March 2020, users discovered that the Chinese app was stealing the iOS clipboard data. However, despite assurances from TikTok, the fix never came.

A TikTok spokesperson replied to the allegations explaining that the malicious code would be removed soon. Other notable mentions include PUBG Mobile, ABC News, CBS News, Russia Today, and more.

Gurpreet Thind

Gurpreet Thind

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