U.S. customers can now buy Bitcoin on Opera via Apple Pay

U S customers can now buy Bitcoin on Opera via Apple Pay

Customers from the United States can now buy Bitcoin on Opera using Apple Pay or debit cards. The Opera browser has launched the option to purchase Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) using debit cards and Apple Pay from the browser’s wallet.

The platform has joined hands with renowned crypto transmitter Wyre to help its U.S. users buy Bitcoin on Opera. Opera and Wyre collaboration will help bring regulatory coherence among the two as well. ETH buying option is available solely to Android opera users. However, only $250 worth of ETH or BTC can be purchased using the Opera wallet.

Buy Bitcoin on Opera for further in-browser purchases

Even though you can buy Bitcoin on the Opera browser, the associated fee isn’t encouraging. The platform charges a 30 percent fee besides the usual 2.9 percent transaction charges. This is significantly higher compared to other platforms.

This is not the first time the browser has launched a cryptocurrency purchase option. The Scandinavian users can already buy Bitcoin on Opera. The Norwegian browser is looking to expand in the crypto sector by offering in-browser crypto purchase systems. It wants to cash in on the upcoming Web 3.0 ecosystem. Cryptocurrency support, such as Bitcoin, can certainly help it entice users who are into decentralized applications.

However, the $250 cap will mean that only retail buyers can buy Bitcoin on Opera as institutional buyers have a much larger appetite.

Retail crypto market on the mind

Opera is targeting the retail buyers with its latest crypto purchase option. There’s a growing list of companies that have similar goals and wish to attract the same clientele. In 2018, Opera integrated a crypto wallet in the browser. As users can now buy Bitcoin on Opera, its growing app market will also benefit.

Perhaps, the highlight of Opera’s Web 3.0 projects was when it introduced the world to a fully blockchain-based browser in the year 2018. Then, in the year 2019, the Tron wallet was integrated into the browser. Google and Coinbase have joined hands to allow the former’s crypto visa card usage on  Google Play. Additionally, Bakkt Cash payment has been added to Starbucks App.

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