LayerZero and Immunefi unveil $15 million bug bounty program

TL;DR Breakdown

  • LayerZero and Immunefi have launched a $15 million bug bounty program to enhance their system's security and reward ethical hackers for identifying potential vulnerabilities.
  • The bug bounty program covers all major chains and rewards up to $250,000 or 10% of the assets' value at risk for critical vulnerabilities.
  • LayerZero, valued at $3 billion, has remained free of security exploits or hacks since its launch in March 2022, demonstrating its commitment to secure and reliable blockchain interoperability.

To further fortify their system against potential threats, cross-chain messaging protocol LayerZero and security platform Immunefi has joined forces to launch an unprecedented $15 million bug bounty program. This initiative, offering a staggering maximum reward for discovering high-severity vulnerabilities, represents one of the largest financial commitments in the history of bug bounty programs.

LayerZero, an omnichain interoperability protocol, permits developers to engage with contracts across various blockchains. In this collaborative endeavor with Immunefi, ethical hackers—often called ‘white hat hackers’—will receive financial rewards for identifying and reporting system vulnerabilities and bugs.

To qualify for a reward, hackers must provide a proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstrating a tangible effect on assets within the program’s scope. Eligibility criteria stipulate that explanations and statements will not suffice as PoC; concrete code is necessary to prove the identified vulnerability.

Leading the charge in cybersecurity

The hefty $15 million reward pot, as explained by Bryan Pellegrino, co-founder and CEO of LayerZero, is drawn from the equity entity of LayerZero Labs. This shows the firm’s unflinching commitment to ensuring the utmost security of its protocol. He says, “The protocol’s security comes before anything else.”

The bounty program includes all major chains, such as Ethereum, BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and Fantom. The rewards for identifying critical smart contract vulnerabilities on these chains can reach up to $250,000 or 10% of the assets’ value at risk at the time of reporting. Other chains offer a starting payout of $25,000 for critical vulnerabilities, while internal criteria determine non-critical rewards.

Immunefi has processed over 1,248 reports since its inception in 2020, shelling out more than $65 million in crypto bounties. Its partnership with LayerZero sets a new milestone in cybersecurity, with the $15 million reward surpassing even the likes of tech giants such as Microsoft, Intel, and OpenAI.

LayerZero’s innovative approach to blockchain interoperability has avoided any security exploits or hacks since its launch in March 2022. With over $15 billion in transaction volume within just 14 months of its inception and a $3 billion valuation following a $120 million Series B funding round, LayerZero is an emerging force in the crypto world. This latest initiative only cements its commitment to providing a secure and reliable protocol for developers and users alike.

In a space where security should be the top priority, LayerZero and Immunefi’s initiative marks a significant step forward in promoting a safer and more robust crypto ecosystem.

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