Lawsuit targets FTX law firm over shady setup

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  • Fenwick & West LLP faces class-action lawsuit over alleged involvement in FTX’s multi-billion-dollar scandal.
  • The law firm is accused of creating “shadowy entities” to divert FTX customer funds.
  • FTX collapsed in November 2022, unable to handle massive customer withdrawals.

Dark clouds gather over Fenwick & West LLP, formerly FTX’s primary counsel, as they find themselves in the eye of a stormy class-action lawsuit. This tumultuous legal action alleges that the law firm played a role in the crypto exchange’s supposed multi-billion-dollar scandal.

Fenwick & West LLP’s suspicious entanglement

FTX customers have rallied to file a suit in California’s District Court, aiming their criticism at the law firm’s questionable involvement in FTX’s business maneuvers.

They accuse Fenwick & West LLP of not only overstepping the bounds of their legal duties but also of masterminding and implementing “ingenious yet illicit strategies” to perpetuate deception.

One of the claims speaks of the law firm’s role in birthing elusive entities, notably named North Dimension and North Wireless Dimension. These organizations reportedly acted as the conduit for diverting customer funds from FTX.

It’s beyond unsettling when a law firm’s actions speak louder than words. While Fenwick & West LLP could have intervened and prevented FTX’s alleged misinformation spree to its customers, the plaintiffs believe the law firm played mute, echoing complicity.

They suggest a sinister collaboration between FTX US, other FTX branches, and Fenwick & West LLP, lured by the law firm’s potential financial windfall from FTX’s questionable activities.

FTX’s downward spiral and the key players

The intricate web of deception wasn’t woven by a single entity. Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder of FTX, heads the list of central figures.

Others, including Caroline Ellison, formerly of Alameda Research, FTX co-founder Gary Wang, and the previous FTX engineering head Nishad Singh, are also spotlighted in the lawsuit.

It’s intriguing how these major players had everything going for them and yet chose a path mired in controversy. If that wasn’t enough, Fenwick & West LLP seems to be a magnet for such lawsuits.

This isn’t their first rodeo. A previous class-action lawsuit in February mirrored the current claims, placing the law firm right in the epicenter of FTX’s business model formation.

In a chain reaction, Fenwick & West LLP felt the need to bring in Gibson Dunn, another reputed law firm, to handle the increasing legal pressures linked to their alleged involvement with FTX, as indicated in a June report by Reuters.

But how did this saga unfold? The story takes a grim turn in November 2022. FTX, once a towering entity in the crypto world, crumbled, filing for bankruptcy. Their fall from grace was triggered by their inability to handle a surge in customer withdrawals.

The saga doesn’t end there. Bankman-Fried, once at the helm of FTX, now faces a drastically different reality. He’s currently under house arrest, facing a litany of charges including wire fraud, conspiracy, and money laundering.

While two crucial trials await him in October and March, there’s more. A previously dropped charge related to illegal campaign finance might resurface, adding another layer of complexity to his legal battles.

Bottomline is the realm of cryptocurrency has always been characterized by volatility. However, when legal and financial institutions allegedly play a part in dubious setups, it undermines the industry’s credibility.

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