Kazakhstan to Harness Artificial Intelligence in the Fight Against Illicit Asset Transfers


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  • Kazakhstan adopts AI to combat illicit asset transfers abroad, enhancing financial transparency.
  • A decrease in criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs signals a more business-friendly environment.
  • International cooperation efforts resulted in the extradition of 40 individuals accused of serious crimes.

Kazakhstan is taking significant steps to combat illegal asset transfers abroad and uncover fraudulent financial schemes, as revealed by Prosecutor General Berik Asylov during a recent meeting with President Kassym-Joomart Tokayev. The country is set to leverage cutting-edge IT technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) in its pursuit of justice and accountability.

Utilizing AI to detect asset transfers abroad

One of the most notable developments in Kazakhstan’s fight against financial crimes is its embrace of artificial intelligence. The government plans to deploy AI-powered tools to identify assets transferred abroad illegally. This innovative approach is expected to enhance the country’s ability to trace and recover hidden assets, ultimately bolstering its financial transparency and integrity.

Monitoring investment projects for transparency

Kazakhstan’s commitment to maintaining a conducive environment for investment projects is evident. According to Prosecutor General Asylov, more than 900 investment projects have come under the scrutiny of prosecutors. By doing so, the government aims to ensure that these projects adhere to legal standards and are conducted transparently.

To further enhance transparency, the proposal includes the implementation of digital solutions that enable real-time monitoring of project implementation processes. Additionally, these solutions would facilitate coordination with prosecutors on key decisions made by government agencies regarding business activities. Such measures are expected to foster a business-friendly environment and protect the rights of both investors and the public.

Reduced criminal Prosecution of entrepreneurs

The Prosecutor General also highlighted a significant reduction in the criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs. The number of cases has decreased from 614 to 204, indicating a more balanced approach to addressing business-related issues. This shift not only promotes economic stability but also encourages entrepreneurship and investment in the country.

Safeguarding constitutional rights

Kazakhstan is making strides in safeguarding the constitutional rights of its citizens. Asylov reported a 29% decrease in the number of violations of constitutional rights, down from 310 to 222 cases. This statistic underscores the government’s commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring that the rights of its people are protected.

Enhanced prison monitoring

In an effort to prevent torture and abuse within the correctional system, Kazakhstan has taken substantial measures. The installation of 29,000 video cameras in 54 correctional institutions across the country has been instrumental in deterring mistreatment of inmates. This initiative has yielded positive results, with the number of complaints from prisoners regarding torture decreasing significantly, from 94 to just 17.

International cooperation and extradition

Kazakhstan is actively engaging in international cooperation to bring individuals accused of serious and especially grave crimes to justice. To date, the country has successfully extradited 40 individuals from abroad who were facing such allegations. This highlights the nation’s commitment to addressing transnational criminal activities and ensuring that wrongdoers are held accountable.

Moreover, Kazakhstan has entered into 73 agreements in the legal field with 34 foreign countries, emphasizing its dedication to strengthening international legal cooperation. These agreements serve as a testament to Kazakhstan’s resolve to combat cross-border criminal activities effectively.

Kazakhstan’s efforts to combat illegal asset transfers, enhance investment transparency, and safeguard the rights of its citizens are commendable. The integration of artificial intelligence in its investigative processes demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to addressing complex financial crimes. By reducing criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs, improving prison conditions, and fostering international cooperation, Kazakhstan is on the path to becoming a more just and transparent society, where the rule of law prevails.

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