Kar98k Returns to Call of Duty in Season 4

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  • Iconic Kar98k rifle returns to Call of Duty in Season 4.
  • Fans eager for powerful and balanced Kar98k reintroduction.
  • Season 4 update launches on May 29 with Kar98k teasers.

The iconic Kar98k rifle from the history of Warzone is coming back in the Season 4 of Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. Renowned for its long-range killing capabilities, the Kar98k dominated Verdansk.

In a single shot from a distance, players would be able to take down enemies. With its removal, no other sniper or marksman rifle has come close to its power thus the community is eager for its comeback.


Excitement and anticipation

It happened right at the time when a Twitter user, ItsMeBoaty, posted a tweet that directed the developers towards bringing back the Kar98k. The official Call of Duty account tweeted back with a single “K,” meaning the rifle is back. The early declaration has already created substantial anticipation within the players.

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Fans are hoping that the development team will keep the community in mind and have the return of the Kar98k be fun and well executed. The community shared concern on the ModernWarfareIII Reddit, stating that the rifle must be heavy-duty for expectations to be met.

A user remarked that:

“it has to be good otherwise no one will be happy. It cant be anything like the vanguard kar98. It doesnt need to be 350ms to ADS but like 450ms ADS with around 100meters of one shot range and i think people will be happy”

Source: Reddit


Teaser trailer and influencer packages

Activision begins to build up the hype for Season 4 with the help of a new teaser trailer and influencer packages. The season is scheduled to come out on May 29. The trailer describes the return of the Kar98k and a bolt-action rifle as well. This description follows the real weapon used by Germany during World War II.

Community expectations

As season 4 approaches, players are anticipating the Kar98k version that will be included. The community evidently wants to play the 2019 version of Modern Warfare as they believe it will bring the same intense gameplay that was in Verdansk.

Another user commented:

“I hope it’s the MW2019 version and not the Vanguard version”

Source: Reddit


The developers have the task on hand to find the balance between the Kar98k’s role. It has to be powerful enough for the players but not be so powerful that it breaks the game balance. This could revitalize the gameplay and stir up nostalgic emotions for those who were playing the game since its inception if it is done correctly.

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The return of the Kar98k rifle in Season 4 is a big deal for the players of Call of Duty. The community is anticipating that the developers will live up to their promise and build a balanced and powerful rifle. This would be a major success of Season 4 if Kar98k returns and this gun becomes a favorite again like the first time.

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