JCB Keychain partnership to build blockchain payment solutions


JCB Keychain partnership has just been finalized to build products that will focus on blockchain payment solutions. Keychain is a prominent firm that builds blockchain technologies while JCB Co. Ltd. is a Japanese financial giant that focuses on global transactions and issues credit cards.

Additionally, Keychain is investing in a worldwide data security solutions that focus on the industrial, financial and institutional realm. Both are well-known giants in their respective fields and their partnership will certainly yield positive results.

JCB Keychain partnership to leverage blockchain payments

JCB Keychain partnership shows how the traditional financial players are increasingly accepting blockchain payment solutions. This partnership will help create new robust solutions that will facilitate global transactions using the cryptographic blockchain technology.

Both firms will also be working together on ‘Distributed Ledger Technology’ for next-gen payment systems. JCB consumers will now have a more engaging payment method that will help them transfer money safely across borders.

Keychain primarily operates ‘Keychain Core’ that helps the partners of Keychain to create applications that feature contracts, identity checks, payment settlements, data-focused security protocols and safe workflows. It also helps handle customised digital assets.

Keychain Core works on multiple levels delivering myriad features

Keychain Core integrates with partner’s native systems and delivers a customised payment solutions experience. Support is available for numerous outlets including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and even IoT gadgets. The concept allows consumers to reach out to payment providers using multiple routes through numerous devices.

JCB Keychain partnership will help launch payment systems that will enable users to make digital identities securely. They will create secure workflows that will boost confidentiality in payment settlements. Digital assets will be handled much more efficiently, including energy credits, gaming assets and municipal virtual money etc. The payment systems will help transform the global transaction through blockchain technology.

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