Japan’s new crypto tax reform, good news for traders?



  • Japan announced new tax reform
  • The country is making efforts to remove tax burdens
  • Analysts laud the new update

Japan has announced that it is making a new reform that will change the taxation system for the crypto sector. According to several media houses in the country, the new reform will see some fundamental changes be made to favor corporate entities that are in the crypto sector. One of the core changes includes eliminating capital gains tax on digital assets that have not been disposed of after the end of a taxable year. Another change will see the country change how digital assets will be classified, which could see the tax on these assets go to 20%.

Japan is making efforts to remove tax burdens

According to the rule in Japan, gains on digital assets that are not realized will be subject to tax. The fiscal year ends on March 31, when all these taxes are collected across the country. Asides from that, any entity that earns more than $1,400 will be subject to paying a tax of about 55%.

Compared to that, gains on digital exchanges and brokerages are only leveled with a 20% tax. Foreigners carrying out their crypto trades in Japan are also not spared from paying the 55% nominal tax rate. Other forms of making gains through digital assets that are not mentioned are charged under the miscellaneous income. However, firms cannot bring any losses incurred in their crypto activities into the new year.

Analysts laud the new update

In the statements by analysts and experts, these high taxes leveled on crypto firms and investors are one of the primary reasons why most people move their operations abroad. A typical example is Astar Network which announced that its tokens would not be issued inside the country. The network owns a hub housed on Polkadot, one of the leading blockchains in the world. According to analysts, the company moved to evade all the vast taxes the government could have forced it to pay.

However, talking about the new tax reform, one of the company’s top executives commended the idea. According to the executive, it is a good move for the country and would spell good things for the Web3 community in the coming years. However, he mentioned that this new update has not gotten to where other developed countries have, but it is a perfect start. With this new update, Japan hopes more crypto outfits and individuals will troop into or set up their bases inside the country.

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Written by Owotunse Adebayo

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