Japanese city set to infuse metaverse into its education sector

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  • Japanese city set to infuse metaverse into its education sector
  • The city wants to eliminate absenteeism
  • Countries are educating students on metaverse

The Japanese city of Toda has announced that it will be infusing metaverse into its educational system to tackle the case of absenteeism. The city wants students to be able to access classes and campuses on the metaverse before they join physical classes. This new update proves that the metaverse is now becoming an integral aspect of the crypto sector. The Japanese city intends first to use metaverse to eliminate the cause of absenteeism before using it in other elements.

The Japanese city of Toda wants to eliminate absenteeism

The city wants to help children who were absent for most of the school session create a virtual space where they could solve major issues. The tool was created by an organization last year, and the city plans to perfect the creation to suit its needs. With the city already making plans to help the children return to school, digital classes will help them learn better.

However, this move depends on the say-so of principals in schools across the Japanese city. A survey in the city says that fifth graders find it easier to relate with other students online than in the real world. The executive in charge of the program also mentioned that he hopes children will be able to ease into the real world after participating in the program.

Countries are educating students on metaverse

Toda is not the only Japanese city having school absenteeism issues as it has become widespread across the country. A recent survey carried out last year showed that more than 240,000 students were reported to have been absent from school for a minimum of 30 days. Officials in the cities claim that it is an after-effect of the coronavirus pandemic, which forced most students to stay home and interact online for almost a year. Asides from that, the officials also blamed the pandemic on the increased amount of suicides that have been registered among students in the country.

Schools have been looking for ways to merge the metaverse into education. Some months back, a Tokyo university announced that it would allow students to offer courses in the metaverse. China is also looking to create an avenue to help some of its population learn about the metaverse. The country believes it could help them take up jobs in the sector in the nearest future, creating more employment opportunities across the country.

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