Japan IT Week Reveals AI’s Expanding Role in Business Innovation


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  • Japan IT Week showcased advances in AI with 660 exhibitors, including new AI-integrated smart glasses by RealWear and text-based solutions like chatbots and transcription services.
  • Companies are customizing AI to suit their needs, with Asahi launching Typoless for proofreading and Nippon TV introducing BlurOn to blur faces in videos for privacy.
  • The demand for AI skills is growing, as seen in job market trends and educational courses, while some companies hesitate to adopt these new technologies.

Makuhari Messe, Chiba, became a showcase for cutting-edge technology as Japan IT Week commenced with a substantial turnout. Approximately 660 exhibitors displayed their latest offerings, from hardware to software, including new advances in the metaverse and digital transformation.

Emphasis on generative AI

The convergence of generative AI with everyday business processes marked the most significant trend at the event. Companies demonstrated applications ranging from content generation to sophisticated smart glasses, highlighting AI’s evolving capabilities. RealWear, an American tech firm, introduced smart glasses integrated with ChatGPT, facilitating hands-free access to information and communication via voice commands. These devices allow users to query instructions and information for tasks, indicating strong interest from sectors reliant on precision and manual input, such as maintenance work.

Further emphasizing text-based AI solutions, PKSHA Workplace unveiled a ChatGPT-based chatbot tailored to handle customer inquiries by leveraging a database of company-specific information. Notta AI presented its transcription service, boasting a high accuracy rate and the capacity to summarize conversations, garnering over 1.5 million users.

Customized AI: The new business imperative

Tailoring AI to meet specific business needs has become a crucial strategy for many companies. Asahi Newspaper Group’s Typoless platform employs AI to ensure error-free documents, capitalizing on a vast database of published articles for proofreading. Meanwhile, BlurOn, a software designed by Nippon TV, addresses privacy by automatically obscuring faces and license plates in videos, showcasing AI’s utility in complying with privacy standards.

The corporate sphere also sees a valuable ally in AI for legal document review. Lisse’s LeCHECK harnesses AI and cloud technology to scrutinize contracts, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in legal processes. Furthermore, Allganize Japan’s initiative illustrates the drive towards accessible AI, offering a user-friendly interface with various task prompts designed to streamline business functions from data analysis to email drafting.

The workforce shift toward AI proficiency

The surge in generative AI has precipitated a significant shift in the job market. Skills in AI are increasingly sought, a trend confirmed by professional networking giant LinkedIn. A growing number of job postings seek candidates versed in the latest technologies, with large corporations like Fujitsu and Mercari leading the charge in hiring AI-skilled individuals.

Kikagaku, a company dedicated to education in tech, has observed a surge in interest in generative AI courses following the widespread adoption of AI tools such as ChatGPT. This reflects a broader movement towards reskilling the workforce, preparing for a future where AI integration is not just an asset but a necessity.

The disparity in adoption rates of AI technologies underscores a split in the business community. Some are eager to implement these advancements, while others remain hesitant, wary of the pace and implications of technological change.

Looking ahead

Japan IT Week painted a picture of an industry at a pivotal juncture, with AI at its heart. As AI technology forges ahead, it becomes clear that businesses willing to embrace these changes may be better positioned to thrive in the evolving digital economy. The integration of AI is not a mere trend but a significant shift in the work infrastructure, demanding adaptation and education in equal measure. The discussions and product showcase at the event not only reflect the current state of innovation but also hint at the shape of things to come in the world of technology and business.

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