IT Leaders Prioritize Automation and AI Over Security in 2024, Survey Finds

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  • IT leaders in 2024 prioritize automating tasks adopting AI, but security lags behind despite rising breaches.
  • Challenges in 2023 included new tech implementation, talent retention, and limited team collaboration.
  • Security matters, with IT managers, focused, while CTOs and CIOs prioritize AI and efficiency.

A recent survey conducted by Exclaimer reveals that a significant shift is underway as 35% of IT leaders plan to prioritize reducing time and resources spent on repetitive tasks. This focus on efficiency comes as 59% of IT leaders cite IT support as the primary area where they invest their time.

One of the key takeaways from the survey is the resounding emphasis on automation and efficiency. IT leaders recognize the need to streamline operations and reduce the burden of repetitive tasks. As such, in 2024, a substantial proportion of IT leaders are dedicating their efforts to automating processes that can be optimized.

Challenges of 2023

Reflecting on the challenges of the previous year, 2023, the survey highlights that IT leaders grappled with new technology implementation (33%) and the crucial task of hiring and retaining top talent (33%). Additionally, a lack of collaboration across teams was a concern for 30% of respondents.

New technology implementation was deemed a significant challenge, particularly for senior leadership. A substantial 42% of IT directors identified this as their most pressing concern in 2023. This underscores the importance of seamless technology integration between IT leaders and third-party partners in the future.

2024 Priorities: Automation, AI Adoption, and Security

Looking ahead to 2024, IT leaders are resolute in their priorities. Alongside the goal of reducing time and resources spent on repetitive tasks (35%), a substantial 45% are determined to adopt AI technology. Furthermore, enhancing security is a priority for 44% of IT leaders.

The survey’s findings also shed light on a curious trend. Despite 46% of respondents claiming advanced AI adoption within their organizations, this advancement does not seem to have alleviated the IT department’s burden of IT support. This suggests that while AI has made inroads, more work is needed to leverage it effectively for routine tasks.

Progress in automation

On a brighter note, there is notable progress in automating IT processes. Almost half of those surveyed (49%) have automated over 50% of their IT processes. This automation is expected to unlock valuable time for IT departments, allowing them to focus on critical growth opportunities.

While security is indeed a priority for IT leaders across the board, the degree of emphasis varies among different levels of IT leadership. IT managers rank improving security in 2024 as their top priority (42%). However, CTOs and CIOs have a different perspective. For them, adopting AI (63%), enhancing automation tools (45%), and reducing time and resources (42%) are more critical objectives for the year.

Vicky Wills, CTO of Exclaimer, offers a reminder amidst the push towards AI and automation: “Whilst, understandably, IT leaders are focusing on AI technology as a potential solution for challenges, it’s important not to overlook the security basics.” With 40% of IT leaders admitting to experiencing at least two security breaches in the past year, security remains a fundamental concern.

Investing in security

IT leaders are taking proactive measures in response to the growing security challenges. A majority, 62%, are increasing their budgets to add new security resources. Additionally, 54% are implementing new security tools, and 46% are updating current platforms and systems. These actions reflect a commitment to fortify cybersecurity measures and protect against potential threats.

As organizations navigate the complex landscape of technology, the importance of strategic technology implementation cannot be overstated. IT leaders are urged to be cautious in how they allocate their time and resources, ensuring that they continually meet and exceed their goals. In a world where technology plays a pivotal role, strategic decision-making is key to success.

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