Is Telegram Really Shutting Down the Crypto Channels?

Recently, there were rumors circulating within the crypto community that Telegram, a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging service, is allegedly shutting down crypto channels in its platform.

According to an unverified report, the shut down could have been caused by allegations of organising pump and dump, shilling scam projects, adding users without their consent, paying fake users in order to grow exponentially, employing paid promotions such as cross promoting in the channel.

Blockchain Whispers, one of the active crypto forums on Telegram, posted on their website that :  “We experienced an attack from Telegram side. I don’t know is it a hack or what, but the channels and everything is gone”.

Until this day, Telegram is known to be the best platform to increase awareness for ICO’s and raising funds for startups. This messaging service has filled the gap on the crypto market when social media platforms began to ban ICO ads.

For now, we do not have the answer in front of us but hopefully soon we can clear this up with Telegram.