IOTA price climbing steadily towards $0.25

After some serious lows, IOTA price is now successfully moving past the retracement track crossing the $0.244 United States dollar mark.

IOTA has been extremely volatile over the course of the five days, and it has been working to retain the $0.25 position, albeit without any success.

IOTA price highs and lows

IOTA price chart - 22 January 2019IOTA price chart by Trading View

On the 17th of January, IOTA price hit the $0.255 mark, and it fell down to as low as $0.23 mark on the same day. Despite being on the rising cryptocurrencies, IOTA has been struggling to remain above the $0.245 mark.

On the 21st of January, IOTA price started the day with a minor fall to $0.244 USD, after which it rose up on a minor bullish path, reaching a price of $0.2475 USD. The cryptocurrency fell again, this time reaching a low of $0.239 USD. This movement can also be linked with the overall market movement, especially the Bitcoin price movement.

The price line wobbled from the start of the day before it finally fell on a major bearish path, the first low of this path plummeted IOTA price down to $0.29 USD. Whereas the second and lowest price fall plummeted the price down to $0.2275 USD.

A major bullish trend took over right after, the price surged up to $0.2475 USD, for the remainder of the day the price continued to wobble between highs and lows before it finally reached the highest price of the day, $0.2483 USD after which it fell back to $0.244 USD.

IOTA price chart by trading viewIOTA price chart by Trading View

Taking a closer look at the chart above, the 50-day moving average reached its lowest at the 12:50 GMT frame, after which it reached its closing at the $0.2435 USD mark. The 20-day exponential moving average followed a similar trend and reached its closing at the $0.2460 USD mark.

Featured Image by IOTA