Introducing Not Your Another P2E Game: Meta Masters Guild Games (MEMAGX)

Meta Masters Guild Games

Allow us to introduce you to an extraordinary experience from the world of Web3 gaming. As dedicated followers of the latest innovations, we couldn’t overlook the release from the Meta Masters Guild Games platform – Meta Kart Racers. This blockchain game was launched on May 13, 2024, and has already garnered the admiration of audiences and built a loyal player community.

What makes this game unique? It’s quite simple – model, Play-and-Earn. There are no hidden pitfalls, lengthy withdrawal processes, or massive time investments required for the game: the token is already listed and trading successfully on exchanges. All that’s left is for you to immerse yourself in the ecosystem of this platform and see that your time spent playing this game will be well worth it.

Meta Masters Guild Games Ecosystem

Currently, the Meta Masters Guild Games Ecosystem officially has four projects in development, each at different stages, from concept and early development to beta version. We’re excited to introduce you to:

True Saviours

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True Saviours is a battle arena tournament game. Humanity is fighting against AI machines (a storyline that feels like a glimpse into the near future). Your mission is to fight for the human race and become the savior of the world. Test your skills against the machines, win gems, and secure freedom. The creators promise to release the game in 2024. We eagerly await its launch! 

However, there is no need to wait to get involved in this amazing meta-world – you can prove yourself as a real racer right now.

Meta Kart Racers

Source: Meta Masters

Choose a hero that resonates with you: the rebellious punk Axel, the unstoppable Rocky The Ape Man, or the cyberpunk beauty Zhuri. Jump into a kart and dive into thrilling races to earn experience points and tournament prizes.

Meta Kart is a free-to-play game offering various Play & Earn options. Battle in single-player challenges or compete against other players in PVP mode, choosing the mode that suits you best. Compete in arcade mode to earn rare NFTs and join the Meta Kart tournament races to collect MEMAGX tokens. Fill up your tank, hit the track, and start earning!

 Get your MEMAGX token on Uniswap now! 

Already available on:

App Store

Google Play

Raid NFT

Source: Meta Masters

Raid NFT is a turn-based mobile fighting game. Choose from several warrior classes and then battle in one of the many hostile environments. Raid NFT is a free-to-play game featuring numerous play-to-earn mechanics centered around skill-based competitions and resource collection. Whether you want to play solo or test your skills in the arena, forge your destiny in NFT Raid and crush your enemies. Convert your in-game gems or MEMAGX tokens to purchase rare warriors.

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Meta Masters World

Source: Meta Masters

Meta Masters World is a mobile game within the genre of “build, explore, and conquer.” Players can win or purchase land and game characters from the NFT store. You can simply explore Meta Masters World and earn by completing in-game quests, or you can buy land and choose from various building structures to level up your NFTs.

Potential of MEMAGX

The entire game ecosystem is designed to encourage engagement and reward those who add value to it. Whether in games or their online community, if you invest time and effort, you will be appropriately rewarded. Players will earn a currency called “Gems” in various games, which they can use as they see fit. Here are a few ways to utilize Gems:

  • Exchange Gems for MEMAGX tokens to stake within the ecosystem and earn additional rewards.
  • Use Gems to purchase in-game NFTs or cash them out by exchanging them for other cryptocurrencies, such as USDT.
  • Buy premium game NFTs from the Meta Masters store on the website, then connect your wallet to the game to store them or use the NFTs in blockchain gaming.
  • Purchase MEMAGX tokens directly and immediately proceed to staking or buying in-game NFTs.

Unique Staking Rewards

Now, let’s talk about the most rewarding aspect of the MEMAGX token. The platform offers two types of staking: locked and flexible.

If you lock your MEMAGX for a specific period, you receive rewards calculated based on the total APR percentage. Flexible staking allows you to lock a certain amount of tokens on the platform and earn APR based on the number of tokens. 

Participants in the 45-day, 90-day, and annual staking pools can stake amounts ranging from 1,000 to 1,000,000 units. The stake will be locked for the corresponding term. In the first case, the APR is 7.5%, in the second – 10%, and in the third – 12.5%. These conditions allow you to choose the staking pool that best fits your needs and the desired rate of return.

In summary, MEMAGX tokens serve multiple functions within the ecosystem, including token buybacks, staking, and conversion between MEMAGX and cryptocurrencies such as Tether (USDT).

Final Word

In support of everything mentioned above, it’s impossible to overlook the already impressive community that loves, plays, discusses, participates in giveaways, and supports the game. In return, the game creators are passionate about giving back to the community, and by staying active on various channels, you’ll have plenty of chances to win prizes.

Active participants will consistently have opportunities to win MEMAGX tokens, in-game NFTs, and much more. All you need to do is follow on Twitter, join the Telegram channel, and be active there. Don’t miss your chance to get free perks from the creators.

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