Intel, Neilson, BMW partners with a Singapore government backed project

Singapore is also stepping in on the crypto game and it has its own blockchain accelerator called Tribe. Recent news suggests that the automotive cars and truck services providers called BMW group, the multinational corporation, and technology company Intel and the information, data and measurement company Neilsen are not business partners with Tribe. The Tribe announced that all of the three companies will talk on this matter with the Tribe. They. together are aiming to create a comprehensive ecosystem.

The BMW group will be providing professional courses on how the market can incorporate blockchain solutions. The head of the BMW Group stated that BMW group only wishes to boost the development of these startup to a whole new level.

Intel, on the other hand, will be offering courses regarding technology and business to these startups. The program director of Intel stated that Intel’s technology can help improve the efficiency of the blockchain solution.

Similarly, Neilsen will be providing a testing environment. The environments’ main purpose is to give the members involved a controlled and protected environment. This environment will be used to test out new technologies. This will as a result speed up the rates of blockchain solution’s adoption.

Tribe also announced its partnership with ConsenSys in February 2019. The purpose of this partnership is to expand the blockchain ecosystem in Singapore.

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