Insightful QuickSwap (New) Price Analysis: Future Forecast & Market Trends

QuickSwap (New) Price Overview

Over the past few weeks, QUICK price has seen a bearish pressure in the market, with selling pressure continuing to surge. Notably, the price broke below the crucial $0.075 level, triggering a robust decline in the following weeks toward $0.04.

Today, the price of QuickSwap [New] is $0.0443, with a trading volume of $4.2 million in the last 24 hours. It has a market capitalization of $31.8 million and a negligible market dominance. The price of QUICK has dropped by 5.1% in the past day.

QuickSwap [New] reached its peak price on May 5, 2022, trading at $0.225, which is its all-time high. Its lowest trading price was recorded on 19 June, 2022, at $0.034, marking its all-time low. According to technical indicators on CoinCodex, the current market sentiment for QuickSwap [New] is bearish, with the Fear & Greed Index indicating a level of 74, which falls into the category of ‘Greed’. Over the past 30 days, QuickSwap [New] has experienced 14 out of 30 green days, reflecting 47% price stability and a volatility rate of 4.34%. The forecast on CoinCodex suggests that it may not be an opportune time to purchase QuickSwap [New].

QuickSwap (New) Price Analysis: QUICK/USD Struggles Within Bearish Pattern

  • QuickSwap loses buyers’ support as it declines below EMA trend lines on 4-hour price chart
  • QuickSwap trading range is stuck within the upper and lower Bollinger Bands 
  • Aggregated buy-and-sell signals from TradingView reflect the mixed sentiment of various technical indicators for QuickSwap New.

QUICK Price Drops Below Moving Averages

QuickSwap’s price has recently been dropping below the moving averages as sellers intensify their dominance on the price chart. On the one-day price chart, QUICK price faced sharp rejection around the $0.06 mark, suggesting a strong defense by bearish traders.

This has resulted in a decline in the moving averages as the price recently dropped below the EMA20 trend line and is currently testing buyers’ patience at the crucial support of $0.044. However, buyers are strongly defending the support line.

The MACD trend line has formed red candles below the signal line and the indicator aims for a negative trend in the coming hours, weakening the chances of a bullish comeback. 

QUICK Price Targets Support Retest As RSI Nears Oversold Region

On the 4-hour price chart, QUICK price is testing buyers’ patience as it retests the support of $0.04. If buyers fail to defend the price above this level, the price might plunge further and aim for a decline toward $0.037 level.

Currently, the RSI level is heading toward the oversold region as it trades at 29 level. QuickSwap price trades around the channel’s support line, suggesting rising bearish dominance. In such a case, the bulls must strongly push the price above immediate Fib channels to prevent further decline. 

QuickSwap Maintains Stability As It Aims For A Recovery

On the 1-hour price chart, QuickSwap price has been moving within a descending channel pattern as it maintains a trading range above the $0.0425 support line.

The bulls are currently holding the price as they aim for a robust recovery in the coming hours. If the price breaks above $0.05071, it might attempt to reach $0.05399.

QuickSwap (New) Price Predictions

Short-Term Price Predictions Price Analysis

Experts lack consensus regarding the short-term price predictions for QuickSwap New for the remainder of 2024, resulting in highly divergent forecasts. However, leading analysts provide their short-term predictions for the coming months.

According to the current price prediction from CoinCodex, the price of QuickSwap [New] is anticipated to increase by 226.45% and reach $0.142541 by July 18, 2024. The technical indicators suggest a bearish sentiment, while the Fear & Greed Index indicates a score of 74, which falls into the category of Greed. Over the past 30 days, QuickSwap [New] has seen 14 out of 30 green days, amounting to 47%, with a price volatility of 4.34%. 

The forecast advises that it is not an opportune time to purchase QuickSwap [New]. Drawing from historical price actions of QuickSwap [New] and BTC halving cycles, the lowest predicted price for Quickswap [New] in 2025 stands at $0.043663. In the following year, the price is expected to reach a maximum of $0.205182.


Mid-Term Price Predictions

QuickSwap is set to shine further in the midterm following anticipated technological advancements and robust roadmap with enhanced utilities. In the mid-term, the project is set to attract more investors, impacting the token’s price. 

QuickSwap is making significant moves in the DeFi space on Polygon 2.0 with its DragonFi 2.0 initiative, enhancing interoperability and liquidity through QuickSwap Citadels. This might greatly impact the price of QUICK. It recently launched QuickPerps: Falkor, a low-fee perpetual exchange on Polygon’s PoS chain, which saw over $13.9 million in volume within its first week. Additionally, QuickSwap has rebranded its popular Web3 podcast to “The Aggregated” to foster inclusivity across decentralized ecosystems, featuring key discussions with industry leaders every Friday.

In 2025 price predictions for QuickSwap, TradingBeast anticipates a decrease in the coin’s value, projecting it will fall to $0.05796 by December. PricePrediction.net also foresees a decline in QuickSwap’s price, estimating it will drop to approximately $0.01488 by the same period. Conversely, WalletInvestor predicts an upward trend for QuickSwap, suggesting its price could reach around $0.144 in 2025. 

Long-Term Price Predictions

QuickSwap is set to benefit from special incentives and liquidity mining programs as it partners with new blockchain projects. With over 15 chains planning to join Polygon 2.0, 2024 looks promising for QuickSwap. The platform’s support for unlimited chains enhances its potential for valuable partnerships through its Citadels, decentralized exchanges, and perpetual exchanges. QuickSwap is also considering launching its own blockchain with Polygon CDK, opening up new revenue opportunities and attracting more users and liquidity.

“The Aggregated,” QuickSwap’s rebranded podcast, remains a key platform in the web3 community. These might strengthen the future of QuickSwap, creating a huge fan base in the market.

Considering the long-term forecasts, while some anticipate QuickSwap New to achieve store- of-value status with substantial price increases; however, there remains uncertainty, with some analysts predicting significant downturns.  

Analysts offer divergent views on long-term QuickSwap price forecasts for 2030. PricePrediction.net predicts that QuickSwap’s price will not increase but will instead decrease to $0.02506. Similarly, TradingBeast expects a downward movement in QuickSwap’s value, projecting it will fall to $0.004699. On the other hand, WalletInvestor maintains a bullish outlook, anticipating QuickSwap’s price to rise to $0.25.

Fundamental Factors Influencing QuickSwap New Price

QuickSwap price is mainly influenced by its project announcements and community support. Additionally, overall crypto market trends also have a big factor in controlling QUICK price. 

Participating in QuickSwap Bonds not only potentially benefits users with a discounted purchase of tokens but also supports the projects on the platform by growing their user base and liquidity, impacting the price.  

QuickSwap Aims To Lead Polygon 2.0

Quickswap aims to lead Polygon 2.0’s DeFi landscape. Its strategic plan, DragonFi 2.0, focuses on deploying QuickSwap Citadels across Polygon 2.0 chains, enhancing interoperability and liquidity.

QuickSwap’s technical dominance is evident from successful launches on prominent Polygon chains, setting the stage for a robust 2024. QuickSwap’s community can expect significant opportunities and incentives as the project expands within the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem.

QuickSwap’s Falkor Launch Boosts Confidence

QuickSwap has launched its newest perpetual exchange, QuickPerps: Falkor, on Polygon’s PoS chain, revolutionizing Web3’s native perpetual contracts. Falkor features ultra-low fees, a wide range of supported assets, and up to 50x leverage, serving the largest Layer 2 community in decentralized finance.

Within a week of its May 23 launch, Falkor saw over $13.9 million in volume and 5,100 new users. Developed with Orderly Network, Falkor ensures near-instant, zero-gas trades and secure deposits directly from the Polygon PoS network. Supporting 37 blue-chip assets, Falkor sets a new standard in perpetual trading.

QuickSwap (New) Top Features

QuickSwap has a wide range of top features and here is the list of the most prominent ones:

Liquidity Hub: Liquidity Hub is a decentralized optimization layer above the DEX/AMM that aggregates liquidity to enable a more powerful and complete trading experience, solving DeFi’s fragmented liquidity issue. It enables Quickswap to access more liquidity sources (known as solvers), offering zero-gas trades, better swap rates, and MEV protection.

V3 Concentrated Liquidity Model: QuickSwap, using a V3 license from Algebra, has implemented a more capital-efficient liquidity model across its DEX networks. V3 requires users to allocate liquidity within set price ranges, necessitating manual adjustment if the range is exceeded.

V3 Active Liquidity Management: QuickSwap has integrated active liquidity management V3 solutions with Gamma, Steer Protocol, DefiEdge, and ICHI, offering automated LP position management and auto-compounding rewards. Users can provide liquidity to supported automated liquidity manager pairs and earn farming rewards in 1 click.

Polygon Chain Expansion: In the last year, QuickSwap has deployed on several flagship Polygon chains, including X Layer, Manta Pacific, Immutable zkEVM, and Astar zkEVM, with more to come. 

Cross-Chain Swaps: QuickSwap now enables easy cross-chain swaps across 50+ blockchain networks using Squid’s widget, powered by Axelar Network.

QuickSwap Team

QuickSwap, launched in October 2021, addresses the issues of high gas fees and slow transactions in decentralized exchanges on networks like Ethereum. It’s backed by leading industry experts in Ethereum standards and Layer 2 scaling.

The team includes Sameep Singhania, co-founder of Ginete Technologies with extensive blockchain development experience; and Roc Zacharias, co-founder of QuickSwap and CEO of Lunar Digital Assets, who has significantly contributed to QuickSwap’s growth and the Dogechain project. 

QuickSwap Use Cases


A notable use case of QuickSwap is its ‘Best Trade’ default swap option, which sources the best possible route for trades across V3 and V2. Users are also presented with various swap types, including V2 Market, V3 Market, Limit, and dTWAP.

Additionally, QuickSwap offers a cross-chain swap option, which activates a custom widget for seamless swapping between different blockchains with a single click. Specifically, the Market (V3) swap utilizes QuickSwap V3 router, relying solely on V3 liquidity.

Limit Orders on QuickSwap

These orders are facilitated through a collaboration with the Orbs Network. This integration allows users to set specific price targets for buying or selling digital assets on QuickSwap, enhancing the precision of their trading strategies.

Cross-Chain Swaps

QuickSwap users can conveniently exchange tokens across various blockchain ecosystems. This functionality is made possible through a combination of a specialized widget and router, developed by Squid and powered by Axelar, streamlining the cross-chain swap process.

dTWAP Orders

For those seeking more advanced DeFi trading options, QuickSwap offers dTWAP orders, also powered by Orbs Network. This feature allows traders to define their own parameters, including the size of the position, the duration of the trade, intervals, and more. Once a trade order is set, it executes at different intervals, ensuring users receive the most favorable market prices.


On QuickSwap, users who provide liquidity to pools can earn a 0.25% trading fee, proportional to their share in the pool. Liquidity Providers (LPs) play a vital role in the QuickSwap ecosystem, triggering smoother swaps across ERC-20 tokens for participants. However, the mechanics of liquidity provision in V3 differ significantly from those in V2.

In V3, when users contribute their tokens to a liquidity pool, they must choose between two liquidity ranges: narrow or wide. This decision determines the price range in which their liquidity will be active. After depositing their tokens and establishing their LP position, users need to actively manage their holdings. If the market price moves out of their selected range, they must manually adjust their LP position to remain effective.

While this V3 approach requires more hands-on involvement from LPs, it offers enhanced depth and capital efficiency compared to the V2 model. This added complexity in V3 aims to provide a more optimized and potentially profitable experience for liquidity providers on QuickSwap.


Another significant use case of QuickSwap is its V3 and V2 farming opportunities, where users can stake their LP tokens to earn extra rewards on selected token pairs. On Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM, Manta Pacific, and Astar zkEVM, users can tap into the Merkl Tree integration to LP and farm in 1 click instead of the existing 2 step process.

ALM Farms

In ALM farms, users not only earn standard trading fees from liquidity providing (LPing) but also additional farming rewards. This option is available for specific token pairs using Gamma, Steer Protocol, DefiEdge, or ICHI from V3 pools and is featured in a dedicated tab on the QuickSwap website.

QuickSwap distributes 90% of its QUICK tokens through a liquidity mining rewards program to encourage participation on Polygon’s Layer 2. Liquidity providers in incentivized pools earn QUICK tokens and swap fees. The QUICK mining rewards will continue for 3.5 more years, with gradually decreasing token emissions to foster early adoption and long-term community growth. QuickSwap’s treasury, secured with multisig and requiring signatures from key members like Nick Mudge, Sameep Singhania, Roc Zacharias, and Sandeep Nailwal, funds these rewards.

Market sentiment around QuickSwap is predominantly bullish, with expectations of a value increase in the coming years. This hope is fueled by innovative features like those found on QuickSwap’s QuickPerps platform. QuickPerps is designed to meet the needs of discerning traders, offering the ability to customize slippage settings and adjust collateral, which directly influences leverage and liquidation prices. These customizations not only enhance the trading experience but could also positively impact the price of QuickSwap New.

Furthermore, QuickPerps is designed to minimize the price impact of trades. It provides traders with a comprehensive and transparent summary of their trades, including crucial details like entry and exit prices, borrow fees, and the liquidity available. This level of clarity and detail is likely to attract traders who value transparency in their transactions.

QuickSwap Risk Assessment and Potential

Investment in QuickSwap should be approached with caution due to the volatility and risks of the cryptocurrency market, informed by thorough research and analysis.

How to Trade QuickSwap (New)

There are several ways that a trader can opt. First of all, QuickSwap exchange (quickswap.exchange) is accessible to both mobile devices and desktop web browsers, allowing for easy token swaps, and one can add new Quickswap tokens to their wallet and trade. Utilizing one of its liquidity pools allows one to smoothly exchange coins with Quickswap New with a transaction fee. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Quickswap.exchange.
  • Connect your wallet using a mobile wallet app or a desktop browser extension that supports the Polygon Network, such as Trust Wallet or MetaMask.
  • Once your wallet is connected, select “Swap” from the navigation menu.
  • Choose Quickswap New and the token you want to exchange with. The default token is often MATIC, but you can swap for other tokens.
  • To proceed with the swap, click “Swap”.
  • A transaction preview will appear on your wallet for confirmation. Confirm the transaction to complete the swap.

Shortly, Quickswap New will be added to the wallet, enabling transfer to supported decentralized or centralized exchanges for trading purposes. Additionally, traders can directly trade Quickswap New tokens on Binance with USDT funding. 

QuickSwap (New) Correlation with Other Cryptocurrencies

QuickSwap New has shown a moderate positive correlation with Bitcoin and Ethereum, suggesting that movements in these major cryptocurrency markets may influence QuickSwap New’s price. 

QuickSwap Rebrands Podcast to “The Aggregated” for Inclusive Web3 Collaboration

QuickSwap’s renowned Web3 podcast, “All Roads Lead to Polygon” (ARLTP), has significantly rebranded. QuickSwap’s podcast, “The Aggregated,” is all about fostering inclusivity and collaboration in decentralized ecosystems.

“The Aggregated” seeks to unite the Web3 community by featuring insightful discussions with prominent blockchain, finance, tech, and entertainment figures. With an impressive listener base of 50,000 to 100,000 per episode, the podcast will remain a go-to resource for staying ahead in the on-chain world. Tune in to QuickSwap’s “The Aggregated” every Friday at 3 pm UTC on Twitter for the latest news, debates, and industry insights. 

Bottomline: QuickSwap (New) Price Prediction Scenarios

QuickSwap has become a solid choice for individuals seeking cost-effective, and secure trading operations. Its integration with the Ethereum network, along with the reduced costs and quick transaction speeds provided by the Polygon network, positions QuickSwap as a strong competitor to traditional centralized exchanges.

Participants can accumulate rewards by staking QUICK tokens in the Dragon’s Lair or by engaging in the Dragon’s Syrup Pools. Furthermore, QuickSwap’s support for unrestricted token exchanges enables users to swap ERC-20 tokens without the requirement for KYC processes.

Forecasts for the future value of QuickSwap New reveal a range of possibilities, with predictions indicating both upward and downward trends in its price over the next few years. While there are analysts who anticipate a further decrease in the price of QUICK, suggesting it could fall to a low of $0.001, others maintain a positive outlook on its long-term potential, proposing that the price could soar to as high as $1. 

Cryptopolitan Reporting by Shayan Chowdury

Disclaimer. The information provided is not trading advice. Cryptopolitan.com holds no liability for any investments made based on the information provided on this page. We strongly recommend independent research and/or consultation with a qualified professional before making any investment decisions.

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