Immutable zkEVM Testnet: A New Era for Web3 Gaming


  • Immutable’s zkEVM testnet, developed with Polygon Labs, offers game developers reduced costs and the security benefits of the Ethereum ecosystem.
  • Over 20 gaming companies, including GameStop and Kongregate, support the launch, with 12 games already in development on the platform.

The world of Web3 gaming is set to undergo a significant transformation as Immutable, a renowned Web3 gaming platform, has announced the public testing phase of its Immutable zkEVM. Developed in collaboration with Polygon Labs, this Ethereum-compatible network promises to revolutionize the gaming landscape. This development comes on the heels of Polygon’s zkEVM mainnet launch earlier this year.

A Partnership with Promising Potential

Immutable’s journey with the zkEVM began in earnest in March following the announcement of its partnership with Polygon Labs. Polygon, synonymous with Ethereum scaling solutions, launched its “holy grail” Ethereum-scaling zkEVM on March 27. Industry experts and enthusiasts have keenly watched this collaboration between two giants in the blockchain space.

The primary objective behind the development of the zkEVM is to provide game developers with a platform that offers the dual benefits of reduced development costs and the inherent security and network advantages associated with the Ethereum ecosystem. Immutable’s co-founder and president, Robbie Ferguson, emphasized the network’s potential to enhance ownership rights for Web3 gamers, a feature becoming increasingly crucial in the decentralized gaming world.

Immutable’s commitment to the gaming community is evident in its partnerships. Over 20 gaming entities, including heavyweights like GameStop, TokenTrove marketplace, Kongregate, and iLogos, have thrown their weight behind Immutable’s initiative. This widespread industry support underscores the potential and promise that the zkEVM holds.

Games in Development: The Future of Web3 Gaming

The enthusiasm for Immutable’s zkEVM isn’t just limited to partnerships. At least 12 gaming companies have embarked on their journey to develop Web3 titles on this platform. Some of the notable names in this list include CoinArcade, Galaxy Commanders, Medieval Empires, and MetalCore. The latter has even announced a beta launch slated for September 15 on the Immutable zkEVM, indicating the readiness and eagerness of developers to leverage this new platform.

The zkEVM testnet’s unique feature is its use of zero-knowledge proofs to ensure secure transfers between itself and Sepolia Ethereum. This will provide developers with a sandbox environment to understand and experience how the mainnet version will function post-launch. Furthermore, the network’s full compatibility with Ethereum applications means that developers can seamlessly transition their Ethereum projects to the zkEVM with minimal tweaks.

Immutable has also announced plans to deploy the “Immutable Relayer for currency abstraction and gas sponsorship.” This feature will be a game-changer, allowing developers to create gas-less wallet accounts, further simplifying the user experience.

Immutable’s Vision for the Future

Alex Connolly, Immutable’s chief technology officer, and co-founder, is bullish about the potential of the new network. He believes that the combination of the new chain and Immutable’s suite of platform products will offer an unparalleled EVM solution dedicated to the success of games. The early signs are promising, with a significant influx of games, players, and partners showing keen interest in the Immutable ecosystem. Connolly envisions the platform as the go-to destination for the next generation of web3 games.

Immutable’s track record in the space is noteworthy. They are the brains behind the Gods Unchained Web3 trading card game, initially launched on Ethereum. In April 2021, they introduced their first zero-knowledge-based layer 2 network, Immutable X, to reduce transaction fees for game players. However, this network had limitations, primarily its incompatibility with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. The zkEVM addresses this limitation, allowing users to effortlessly switch networks within their wallets.


The potential of zkEVMs has also caught the attention of Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. While he acknowledges the possible challenges like data inefficiency and latency issues, he is optimistic about zkEVMs’ ability to enhance Ethereum’s scalability significantly. The launch of the Immutable zkEVM testnet marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3 gaming. With robust partnerships, a slew of games in development, and a clear vision for the future, Immutable is poised to redefine the gaming landscape.

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