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  • As a marketplace for NFTs, LooksRare has gained considerable traction.
  • Due to the NFT airdrop, network activity has increased.

The NFT sector is growing at a fast pace. More and more projects and NFT Airdrops are making their way into the billion-dollar industry. With the increasing demand and popularity of non-fungible tokens, several NFT marketplaces are providing consumers with services.

Opensea stands out as the most prolific marketplace in the sector with the highest trading volume. However, numerous new NFT marketplaces are trying to cut Opensea’s profits by emerging as a suitable option for NFT enthusiasts. LooksRare is one such emerging marketplace.

An introduction to LooksRare

LooksRare is a community-dedicated NFT marketplace that aims to build a strong NFT community by rewarding its users and consumers. LOOKS tokens support the platform. The community members of LooksRare reward collectors, traders, and creators on the platform through these LOOKS tokens.

The platform incorporates smart contracts that introduce new innovative features over time. However, LooksRare prioritizes the security of its community members and provides them with a transparent environment to trade and collect NFT airdrops. The network has planned to introduce features like collection offer, trait offer, and multi-cancellation to help users save their gas fees.

LooksRare drives attention with its anticipated NFT airdrop

LooksRare has a tough road to climb to be counted among the top NFT marketplaces in the world. Being in its early stages, the network is trying to gain more attention from the consumers. Therefore, it has planned an airdrop for its LOOKS tokens.

The NFT airdrop recently faced a DDoS attack which made it more interesting for the users. The team of developers at LooksDrop has allocated 120 million LOOKS tokens for the airdrop. The team has set aside a total of 75% LOOKS tokens for different community-driven initiatives.

Users have to meet two conditions in order to be eligible for the LOOKS airdrop. At first, they should have bought or sold NFTs worth at least 3 ETH on Opensea. This buying and selling should have taken place between June 16 and December 16 last year. Secondly, users will have to enlist an NFT for sale on LooksRare.

Users will receive a minimum of 125 LOOKS tokens on their eligible wallets. The most active trader will receive a whopping 10,000 tokens. The LOOKS token is trading above the $2.50 mark at the moment. This means that the airdrop’s worth is between $325 and $26,000 for the smallest and largest eligible wallet. Users will have 10 days to claim their airdrops, but there is no certainty for how long the airdrop will actually run.

Users and consumers can also earn LOOKS tokens by staking or trading the tokens. LooksRare charges a 2% trading fee less than other NFT marketplaces. The trading fee is distributed among the stakers of the LOOKS token. Therefore, users can earn a passive income through these features.

The LooksRare website shows that the network plans to add new features in the coming days. It will make the platform more valuable and secure for NFT community members. With the increasing scope of NFTs, LooksRare has a chance to gather a strong community that can help the network in making a solid name in the market. The recent NFT airdrop has triggered increased activity on the network. The awareness about the platform will increase amid the NFT airdrop among NFT geeks and community members.

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