Hoof Monitor AI Pioneers Cow Lameness Detection


  • AI-powered Hoof Monitor detects cow lameness early.
  • The revolutionary tool enhances dairy cow welfare and efficiency.
  • Innovate UK-funded project transforms dairy industry practices.

Development poised to revolutionize the dairy industry, a new Innovate UK-funded agri-tech project is underway in South West England. 

The initiative, dubbed “Hoof Monitor,” aims to deploy an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered thermal imaging tool for the early detection and treatment of dairy cow lameness.

Transforming dairy health: The Hoof Monitor project

The Hoof Monitor project is pioneering a novel approach to identifying and addressing cow lameness, a significant issue in the dairy sector. Traditional methods such as mobility scoring and visual gait analysis have limitations, often detecting lameness only when it becomes visibly apparent. 

However, the Hoof Monitor device leverages thermal imaging technology to detect subtle changes in temperature in cows’ individual legs and feet, enabling swift intervention before lameness becomes severe.

Led by project founder James Willcox of Winson Agriculture, in collaboration with Agri-EPI Centre and Rhyze Softworks, Hoof Monitor holds immense promise for improving cow welfare, reducing economic losses associated with lameness, and fostering more environmentally sustainable milk production practices. 

Lameness is a significant economic burden on the dairy industry, costing an estimated £53.5 million annually and ranking second only to mastitis in economic impact. By facilitating early intervention and treatment, Hoof Monitor has the potential to mitigate these losses significantly.

Proof-of-concept testing underway

Currently undergoing proof-of-concept testing, the Hoof Monitor prototype is installed in a cattle race at Agri-EPI’s Southwest Dairy Development Centre in Somerset. The device analyzes cows’ legs and feet as they pass through, detecting temperature variations indicative of lameness. 

This innovative approach, enabled by AI and thermal imaging technology, promises to revolutionize lameness detection and treatment, offering a more efficient and cost-effective solution for dairy farmers.

Upon successful validation at the Southwest Dairy Development Centre, the Hoof Monitor prototype will undergo trials on larger commercial farms, paving the way for widespread adoption across the dairy industry.

The game-changing impact of Hoof Monitor

 Agri-EPI’s Head of Dairy, Robert Morrison, underscores the significance of the Hoof Monitor’s potential impact, emphasizing its ability to detect and treat lameness more rapidly and effectively than current methods.

 As a robotic system operating 24/7, Hoof Monitor holds the promise of significantly reducing production inefficiencies and associated carbon emissions, thereby contributing to a more sustainable milk production ecosystem.

The Hoof Monitor project represents a paradigm shift in dairy cow lameness detection and treatment, harnessing the power of AI and thermal imaging technology to improve cow welfare, enhance economic efficiency, and promote environmental sustainability. 

With its potential to detect lameness at its earliest stage and enable timely intervention, Hoof Monitor is poised to revolutionize the dairy industry, offering a transformative solution to one of its most pressing challenges. As proof-of-concept testing continues and trials expand to commercial farms, the future implications of Hoof Monitor are nothing short of groundbreaking, signaling a new era of innovation and progress in dairy farming practices.

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