HashCash to supply UAE crypto exchange with trading infrastructure


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HashCash Consultants, a US-based blockchain and cryptocurrency development firm has announced that it would be supplying crypto exchange in UAE its advanced crypto trading bot software.

According to the announcement, HashCash would extend its relevance to the Middle East by providing its software to a UAE exchange as well as fortifying the exchange existing infrastructure to enhance the trading experience of its users.

Raj Chowdhury, CEO, the US blockchain firm Consultants further noted that the blockchain platform would be offering a wide range of advanced tools and software to streamline trading operation for the exchange users.

Notably, HashCash’s advanced trading bot software enables seamless trading for users through the implementation of crypto signal providers that support their trade activity and decision-making process. Leveraging a series of scalable features the software enables the traders to get the best out of positive market arbitrage and trading points through back-testing.

HashCash to offer US-based exchange portfolio management solutions

In addition to extending its relevance to the Middle East, HashCash recently disclosed that its would also be collaborating with a USA-based digital assets trading platform.

The partnership will be aimed at assisting the crypto exchange to build an advanced and user-friendly crypto portfolio management system, to improve the overall trading experience of the user, and help them manage their crypto portfolio better.

Additionally, the blockchain platform noted it is also helping a top publishing company to solve their content copyright issues with a blockchain-based smart contract, to bring more transparency into the whole process.

Notably, HashCash will provide a smart contract solution built on HC Net (HashCash blockchain network) to track and record of the ownership rights. This will ensure trust through the authentication of true ownership since any alteration of data will require a consensus from all parties involved in the contract.

HashCash blockchain growth

Relatively new to the scene HashCash Consultants has enacted strides to be recognized as one of the leading cryptocurrency development company globally owing to its extensive offering of high-end solutions and products on digital assets and exchanges.

Notably, the firm has a comprehensive suite of products and services focusing on digital assets and crypto trading platforms along with an extensive assortment of trading software and assessment tools.

Chowdhury in a statement noted that HashCash would always be relevant because it keeps upgrading its products and innovations, to offer clients and partners with cutting-edge crypto and blockchain solutions to reform their business infrastructure and be a part of the ongoing crypto revolution.

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