Habbo Games plans to continue using NFTs without uttering dirty crypto ‘Jargon’


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  • Habbo,  the iconic virtual gaming and social platform, is embarking on a path into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) without delving into the complex space of crypto jargon. 
  • Many companies are shifting away from the crypto jargon and restructuring to make it easier for their users to adapt well to the changing technological and financial landscape.
  • The Habbo NFT avatars are minted on the Ethereum network mainnet.

Habbo, the iconic virtual gaming and social platform, is among the leading platforms in crypto innovations. It’s been a hub for millions of users who have used it in socializing and self-expression through the vital space for the past two decades. 

In a bid to stay ahead of the curve, Habbo is embarking on the route into the world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) without delving into the complex space of crypto jargon. 

Habbo has expressed its actions in using NFTs in a user-friendly manner in order to maintain its significant appeal to its diverse audience. The class social web game made its entry into the NFT market back in 2021, two decades after its launch. The pivot entry didn’t land well with its fans, a similar scenario that happened to Neopets. 

Habbo changing its terminology 

It is important to note that the gaming entity isn’t dumping its NFT, unlike Neopets. Habbo will use different terms to talk about the NFTs, evading the use of the crypto jargon. In the platform’s announcement recently, Habbo will shift its strategy on terminology, disregarding the normal “NFT phrase” for its collectibles. 

According to the announcement via PC Gamer, the platform hinted that it would be moving away from blockchain terminology by rephrasing their digital artwork info delivery. 

In the report, the platform was quoted elaboration on its new terminology strategy and explained the view on NFTs approach in the Web3. 

To make it easier for current and prospective players to understand what Habbo Collectibles are about—collecting and trading items in Habbo—in the majority of our marketing and communications, we’ll be moving away from jargon like ‘NFT,’ ‘Web3,’ and ‘blockchain,’ etc.


The gaming entity is moving into the NFT world is a move noted by most companies that have opted to shift away from the crypto jargon, NFTs. They have been quoted referring to these artworks as “digital collectibles.” 

One such example is how Reddit refers to its NFTs as “Collectible Avatars,” avoiding the use of NFT terminology in all its publications.

However, these changes won’t all happen immediately. The Habbo company explained that it would leave its Habbo NFT X (Twitter) account open, as well as its Discord server. This is a temporary decision that might be different in the future. 

More on Habbo’s NFT collection

The Habbo NFT avatars are minted on the Ethereum network mainnet. Its follow-up collectibles, including items like digital furniture, are minted on Immutable X, Ethereum’s scaling network. With its pool collectibles of 11,600 NFT avatars, owners are offered exclusive access to the specialized Habbo Hotel server, Habbo X. 

According to the market value, its tag on secondary marketplaces begins at 0.18 ETH, worth $275 on the OpenSea marketplace. 

Considering the platform’s approach to NFTs that involves the use of new terms deviating from the “dirty crypto jargon” is key in preserving its appeal to a diverse audience. The platform has a wide range of users all across the globe, entering different demographics. 

This includes teenagers and adults alike, all amateurs and tech-savvy individuals. Its terminology strategy shift focuses on its agenda of simplifying NFT usage and ensuring it remains an inclusive space that welcomes everyone.

By evading the use of the common crypto jargon, the gaming corporation is stepping towards making its innovations easily accessible to a wider audience. This allows users to interact with digital artworks in Web3 without feeling overwhelmed by the complex terminologies used in blockchain technology.

 In doing so, the platform reinforced its commitment to providing a creative safe space for its users from all over the globe as it tries to maintain its relevance in the digital realm. 

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