Greenland Group buys BAYC #8302 on OpenSea

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  • Greenland Group has purchased the Bored Ape Yacht Club #8302 for140 ETH.
  • The NFT digits correspond well with the firms’ aspirations.

Greenland Group has purchased BAYC #8302 for 140 ETH, according to data obtained from OpenSea. The transaction was done by thecoinking. Further, the purchase is symbolic to Greenland Group, one of China’s most prominent real estate enterprises.

The group settled for BAYC 8303 because the digits identify with their aspirations. The number 8302 translates to (8) Homophonic “ba”, (30) represents the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Greenland Group, and (2) means that this is the starting point of Greenland’s second venture. The pattern of the whole boring ape is straightforward, which means that Greenland will unload its past glory, go into battle lightly, create new glory with a fighting mentality, and strive to start a new development journey in the digital age!

The move to purchase BAYC #8302 illustrates how NFT assets are penetrating deeper into the economy. Being embraced by the traditional industry is a milestone for NFT enthusiasts. The firm’s purchase comes when there is a new move in the Chinese market on rules regarding virtual assets in the country.

Greenland Group marks 30 years with BAYC #8302

In a statement shared online by Greenland Group, they indicated that after 30 years of success, they are ready to upgrade the company with the mentality of starting afresh. Part of the statement read:

The world’s top 500 companies have written a legendary experience belonging to Greenland! On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Greenland Group, we will plan the comprehensive upgrade of the company with the mentality of returning to zero, especially to do an excellent job in the enterprise’s digital transformation. To this end, the official announcement grandly launched the NFT image symbolizing Greenland Group’s digital strategy – 8302 Boring Ape Yacht Club! BAYC #8302.

Art induces an inexplicable mood in the human mind. Humans have such a strong bond with art that they derive their goals from art. The artwork at the Bored Ape Yacht Club is unique. It is not surprising that Greenland Group invested in this NFT.

The fun is unique when it comes to innovation. Its products are good, and they are known for their quality. The real estate company is on top of its game. In constructing high-rise structures and developing urban projects, no single company can outdo the Greenland group. Out of the 23 tallest skyscrapers they have built-in China, four make it among the top ten tallest skyscrapers worldwide.

The firm is diversifying its investment, and currently, they are developing secondary pillar Industries such as finance and hotel operations. Therefore, It won’t come as a surprise if the company decides to venture into cryptocurrency.

Hackers hit BAYC

The purchase of BAYC 8302 came barely a week after cybercriminals accessed Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Instagram account and stole NFTs worth $3 million.

After taking over the Instagram account, the hackers posted a promotion message linked to a cloned version of the board ape Yacht Club’s official website. They lured unsuspecting users with a free token offer. Users authenticated and connected their digital wallets to the phoney website by attempting to get the free tokens. The move granted the hackers access to the respective accounts, transferring the NFTs and other crypto assets.

Cyber attacks are not unique to BAYC. Previously there was a phishing assault that cost 17 clients of OpenSea a large number of tokens. In other instances, users have been duped by hackers who sold them NFTs that turned out to be unlicensed fakes.

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