Grayscale Investments ramps up DeFi interest  with Lido addition


  • rayscale Investments, the world’s leading digital asset manager, has expanded its DeFi Fund by including Lido (LDO), marking a significant development in the liquid staking space.
  • Liquid staking allows investors to earn staking rewards without locking up their tokens, providing increased liquidity and flexibility. This trend is gaining popularity as it caters to growing demand in the DeFi sector.
  • The addition of LDO to Grayscale’s DeFi Fund signals rising institutional interest in liquid staking services and could potentially influence wider adoption and evolution in this space, despite the current performance of the DeFi Fund.

In a significant move, Grayscale Investments, the world’s largest digital asset manager, has expanded its Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Fund with the inclusion of Lido (LDO). The addition bolsters the prominence of liquid staking services, spotlighting a potentially transformative trend in the broader crypto ecosystem.

Liquid staking: The next big wave in DeFi

Lido, a pioneer in liquid staking services, represents a new class of financial products designed to enhance the utility of staked assets. Unlike traditional staking mechanisms that restrict the liquidity of staked assets, Lido allows Ethereum holders to stake their tokens without losing liquidity. Users can stake, trade, lend, or employ their assets, while continuing to earn staking rewards.

Grayscale’s decision to add LDO into its DeFi Fund portfolio underscores a burgeoning interest in liquid staking protocols. Lido’s services, along with similar offerings from Rocket Pool and Stakefish, cater to an increasing demand for financial flexibility and accessibility in the DeFi sector. The technology essentially issues a representative token – for instance, stETH when users stake ETH – that can be traded or utilized just like the original token.

The growth of liquid staking is driven by two primary factors. Firstly, investors can earn staking rewards without sacrificing access to their assets, a highly sought-after feature in the current financial climate. Secondly, liquid staking potentially elevates the liquidity of staked assets, allowing users to freely trade or employ their tokens without needing to unstake them.

Grayscale and Lido: A vote of confidence in liquid staking

By incorporating LDO into the DeFi Fund, Grayscale signals a mounting institutional interest in liquid staking services. Notably, LDO now forms the second-largest holding in the DeFi Fund, superseded only by Uniswap (UNI).

Grayscale’s adoption of LDO has been partly driven by CoinDesk’s DeFi Select Index (DFX), the fund’s primary index provider. CoinDesk Indices’ quarterly reviews determine the makeup of their indices, with LDO meeting the market cap and liquidity requirements for DFX in their latest reconstitution.

This integration into Grayscale’s portfolio reflects a positive outlook for the future of liquid staking and suggests that the approach could eventually become the norm for staking cryptocurrencies.


As the demand for staking rewards grows, liquid staking services are likely to gain increasing popularity. The inclusion of LDO into Grayscale’s DeFi Fund marks a significant leap for the liquid staking space, signifying a rising institutional acceptance that could foster wider adoption in the future.

Despite the DeFi Fund’s size and recent performance, Grayscale’s move may stimulate further development in the liquid staking arena and incite new services and products. Given its numerous advantages over traditional staking, such as enhanced liquidity and flexibility, the future of liquid staking shines bright, promising a transformative impact on the crypto staking landscape.

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