Google Cloud’s Web3 head emphasizes business over token prices


  • James Tromans urges the crypto community to prioritize real-world business problems over token price speculation.
  • Mass adoption of blockchain and Web3 depends on improving user experience, with Tromans envisioning a future where Web3 seamlessly integrates into industries.

James Tromans, the Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, recently expressed concerns over the disproportionate emphasis placed on token prices within the cryptocurrency industry. In an exclusive interview, he voiced his thoughts about the need for the crypto community to shift their focus from token supply and demand dynamics to understanding how smart contracts can revolutionize business operations.

Moving beyond token speculation

“Tokens, while essential for the functioning of smart contracts, should not overshadow the underlying business problems that blockchain technology is poised to address,” stated Tromans. “What are the business problems you’re trying to solve? When executing a smart contract to address these problems, the tokens serve a purpose. But, it’s imperative to realize that the core objective is the resolution of the business challenge and not the tokens themselves.”

He further commented on the frequent discussions about token speculation in the crypto realm, urging the community to understand that token prices do not define Web3. Web3 is about leveraging decentralized systems and technologies to bring about innovation in business models and operations.

Google Cloud’s blockchain offerings and enterprise interest

Google Cloud has been making strides in the blockchain domain with its Blockchain Node Engine. This innovative offering allows users to self-host nodes that can access blockchain data, engage in transactions, develop smart contracts, and run decentralized applications. Google Cloud believes that blockchain and smart contracts are the keys to unlocking new levels of innovation, reducing operational costs, and discovering novel revenue streams.

Despite the tumultuous market conditions, enterprise interest in blockchain remains robust, Tromans shared. Over the past year, many businesses from traditional sectors have expressed keenness in utilizing blockchain technology to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce overheads, and accelerate their pace of innovation.

“The primary source of this interest stems from the TradFi sector. They see immense potential in employing blockchain to address and simplify long-standing challenges in finance and accounting,” explained Tromans. Furthermore, he highlighted a rising trend among Google Cloud clientele: an inclination towards exploring blockchain-driven solutions in the realms of digital identity and supply chain. With the recent launch of Worldcoin, the iris biometric cryptocurrency project initiated by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, digital identity has surged as a significant topic of discussion in the Web3 domain.

Improving user experience for mass adoption

While the potential of blockchain is undeniable, Tromans opined that there’s still a significant barrier to mass adoption: user experience. The complexities surrounding concepts like private keys can be daunting for the average user unfamiliar with the intricacies of blockchain technology.

“If our goal is to bring blockchain to the masses, it’s imperative to simplify the user experience. Just as people browse the internet without understanding the complexities of protocols like TCP-IP or HTTPS, the same should be true for Web3,” Tromans mentioned. He stressed the need for Web3 developers to create streamlined solutions, helping users navigate aspects like private key recovery seamlessly.

He envisioned a future where blockchain technology seamlessly integrates into various industries, from payments to gaming and the arts, without users having to grasp the technology’s intricacies. As blockchain permeates every facet of our digital lives and becomes commonplace, the term ‘Web3’ will likely become redundant. “When the time comes, and Web3 becomes universally adopted, we’ll simply go back to referring to it as the web,” Tromans concluded.


As the world pivots towards a more decentralized digital framework, the potential of Web3 and blockchain technology becomes evident. However, as James Tromans, the Head of Web3 at Google Cloud, emphasizes, the community must focus on solving real-world business problems instead of getting caught up in token speculation. The future of Web3 promises innovation across industries, but to realize its full potential, simplifying user experience remains paramount. 

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