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  • Google Cloud has launched free online courses on generative AI and its development environment, Generative AI Studio.
  • The nine-course program includes basics of generative AI, responsible AI, image generation, and advanced AI concepts.
  • Students successfully completing the course will earn a Generative AI Explorer-Vertex AI badge.
  • The courses aim to teach users to create, train, and deploy their own foundational AI models.

Reaching out to the burgeoning community of tech enthusiasts and prospective AI developers, Google Cloud recently introduced an ensemble of free, online educational resources.

The new offering, explicitly designed to impart knowledge about generative artificial intelligence (AI) systems, aims to guide beginners into the world of AI and the Generative AI Studio development environment.

This move marks another important stride for Google Cloud in the rapidly advancing field of AI.

Google Cloud courses covering generative AI fundamentals

The nine-course program delves into the basics of generative AI, providing a stepping-stone for aspiring AI developers. It encompasses a broad spectrum of topics, from large language models to the principles of responsible AI and image generation.

Furthermore, it walks students through Generative AI Studio, a powerful tool in AI development. The curriculum goes beyond the elementary concepts, delving into the heart of generative AI techniques.

It explores complex AI concepts, including encoder-decoder architecture, the attention mechanism, transformer and BERT models, and the process of developing image captioning models.

Google Cloud’s commitment to practical, hands-on learning is evident in the program’s concluding segment. The curriculum concludes with a quest, where participants are expected to put their newfound knowledge to the test through labs and timed assignments.

Those who successfully complete this stage will be rewarded with the Generative AI Explorer–Vertex AI badge, a fitting testament to their diligence and newfound AI expertise.

The courses are structured to provide learners with a solid foundation in generative AI, equipping them to create, train, and deploy their own foundational models. Google Cloud promises that this learning path offers a rich journey through generative AI products and technologies.

Generative AI’s impact on the cryptocurrency and blockchain sector

Generative AI has increasingly found applications in various sectors, with the cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors being prominent examples.

ChatGPT and similar models have been serving multiple roles – from functioning as trading bots and data management assistants to acting as educational conduits for complex concepts.

In fact, a study by the Blockchain Research Lab in Hamburg, Germany, suggests that the rise of ChatGPT-like AI systems might have significantly contributed to the ongoing surge in global cryptocurrency adoption.

The simplicity with which these AI models can elucidate complicated concepts has broadened the public’s understanding of cryptocurrencies.

By offering free educational resources, Google Cloud is not merely contributing to the AI learning landscape. It is also creating an opportunity for more individuals to understand, explore, and potentially shape the future of generative AI.

This move could help accelerate innovation and usage of generative AI systems, an area of technology that’s only set to become more crucial in the future.

Google Cloud’s new AI course offering symbolizes its commitment to advancing AI knowledge and its confidence in the transformative potential of generative AI systems.

It is a significant step forward in making AI more accessible and understood by a broader audience, potentially sparking new ideas and driving further innovation in this exciting field.

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