Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare Collaborate on Federated Learning for Healthcare Advancements


  • Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare drive AI innovation through federated learning in healthcare.
  • Federated learning empowers global healthcare studies while ensuring data security.
  • Kakao Healthcare envisions a comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem with industry collaborations.

In a groundbreaking initiative, Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare are harnessing the power of federated learning to expand the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) in the healthcare sector. This collaboration aims to transform the healthcare and life sciences landscape by applying federated learning techniques to address critical challenges while preserving privacy and data security.

Empowering AI with federated learning

Federated learning is a transformative machine learning technique that empowers algorithms to learn from data collected across various independent institutions. This approach ensures privacy and confidentiality as data remains decentralized and secure within its respective sources. With a focus on healthcare, this collaboration seeks to unlock the potential of language learning models (LLMs) to revolutionize medical practices.

Global symposium on AI & DTx Unveils the partnership

This trailblazing collaboration was unveiled at the Global Symposium on AI & DTx, a prestigious event cohosted by Yonsei University System and Kakao Healthcare. The event featured a lecture at the Avison Biomedical Center of Yonsei University Medical College, where representatives from Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare delved into the details of their innovative partnership.

Evolution of Language Learning Models (LLMs)

Google Cloud’s Chief Technology Officer, Patricia Florissi, shed light on the evolution of LLMs, highlighting their journey from translating individual words to predicting complete sentences. She drew parallels between LLMs like ChatGPT and their potential application in healthcare, particularly in solving genomics challenges. Florissi showcased how LLMs can predict codons and aid in completing genomic sequences, thereby revolutionizing genomics research.

Overcoming AI challenges and ensuring privacy

Addressing concerns around transparency, security, and potential hallucinations in LLMs, Florissi emphasized that advancements in policies and privacy protection rules have paved the way for the widespread implementation of these models. In the healthcare context, where data is widely dispersed across various hospitals and locations, Florissi proposed a unique solution. The approach involves keeping data localized while training algorithms on it, thus ensuring data security and privacy while enabling comprehensive analysis.

Empowering physicians and pharma companies

Federated learning holds immense potential in healthcare. It allows physicians and pharmaceutical companies to conduct global-scale studies using electronic medical records (EMRs), drug effects, and clinical trial results without compromising data security. Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare’s collaboration has already demonstrated the power of federated learning in a pilot project using data from Severance Hospital and NCC in June.

Kakao Healthcare’s director, Cho Lio, demonstrates success

Director Cho Lio of Kakao Healthcare showcased a demo of Kakao Healthcare’s healthcare data research suits (HRS) service. The pilot project, focused on predicting the mortality of colon cancer patients, utilized synthetic data for training. Despite this, the federated learning pilot project outperformed locally used algorithms, showcasing the significant potential of this innovative approach.

The crucial role of business models in success

Florissi stressed the importance of appropriate business models in the success of federated learning initiatives. Collaborative efforts are essential as training models incur costs. One suggested model involves distributing generated profits from the model based on the data contributed by respective hospitals, ensuring fair compensation and fostering continued collaboration.

Kakao healthcare’s vision for healthcare integration

Kakao Healthcare’s CEO, Hwang Hee, outlined its vision to integrate its diverse business areas, including virtual care, data enabling, remote patient monitoring, and digital front-door solutions. This integration aims to create a comprehensive digital healthcare ecosystem by aggregating clinical, genomic, and patient-generated health data (PGHD). Collaborations with industry players like i-SENS and Novo Nordisk are driving advancements in continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) for diabetes patients.

In summary, the collaboration between Google Cloud and Kakao Healthcare is propelling the healthcare industry into a new era of innovation. By leveraging federated learning, these pioneers are addressing critical challenges in healthcare while safeguarding data privacy. This partnership signifies a remarkable step forward in reshaping medical practices and unlocking the potential of AI-driven advancements.

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