Google and University of Cambridge Partner for Human-Centric AI Research


  • Google & Cambridge unite for responsible, human-centric AI research.
  • Collaboration targets climate, ethics, and diverse AI community growth.
  • AI innovations could boost UK’s economy by £400B by 2030.

In an exciting expansion of their long-standing partnership, the University of Cambridge and tech giant Google have announced a multi-year research collaboration focusing on responsible AI that prioritizes human benefits. This alliance aims to accelerate progress in fields ranging from climate and sustainability to ethics in artificial intelligence.

A boost for human-inspired AI

Under the agreement, researchers and scientists from both institutions will engage in collaborative foundational AI research projects. Google has also stepped forward as the first funding partner for the University’s Centre for Human-Inspired Artificial Intelligence (CHIA). Under the leadership of Professor Anna Korhonen, Professor Per Ola Kristensson, and Dr. John Suckling, the CHIA brings together experts across disciplines, aiming to cultivate AI that mirrors human values and benefits humanity at large.

Google’s unrestricted grant will fund diverse AI research areas, including responsible AI, human-centered robotics, human-machine interaction, healthcare, economic sustainability, and climate change. A significant facet of this grant also focuses on promoting diversity within the AI research community by supporting students from underrepresented groups in their PhD pursuits within CHIA.

Building on a sturdy foundation

This expanded collaboration builds upon years of interaction between Google, especially its research wing Google DeepMind, and the University of Cambridge. Matt Brittin, President of Google EMEA and a proud alumnus of the University of Cambridge, expressed enthusiasm, stating, “AI has tremendous potential to benefit people worldwide. Collaborating with an esteemed institution like the University of Cambridge can lead to AI research that is both groundbreaking and responsible.”

Jessica Montgomery, Director of ai@cam, emphasized the importance of such partnerships, highlighting Cambridge’s potential role as an AI innovator and guardian. She reiterated the institution’s commitment to channeling interdisciplinary research towards real-world needs.

Michelle Donelan, Secretary of State for Science, Innovation, and Technology, welcomed the partnership, shedding light on AI’s enormous potential to transform lives, boost the economy, and create jobs. “As we gear up for the upcoming AI Safety Summit, this collaboration underscores the UK’s prime position to champion AI innovations,” she commented.

Pushing boundaries with human-inspired AI

Professor Anna Korhonen, Director of CHIA, reflected on Google’s unwavering support since the center’s inception. “Our researchers are passionate about ensuring humans remain central to AI advancements. Collaborations like these, bridging academia and industry, are essential for the evolution of human-centric AI.”

Zoubin Ghahramani, VP of Research at Google DeepMind, who is also a Professor at the University of Cambridge, has been instrumental in fortifying this partnership. He conveyed mutual dedication between the two institutions towards developing AI responsibly, with a strong foundation in scientific research, human values, and AI principles.

The economic impact of AI in the UK

A report by Public First, commissioned by Google, spotlighted AI’s potential to transform the UK’s socio-economic landscape. The findings indicated that AI-driven innovations could inject over £400 billion into the UK economy by 2030. In line with this, Google has launched a free training initiative, enabling individuals and businesses to harness the full spectrum of AI’s benefits.

This partnership between the University of Cambridge and Google is a testament to the growing recognition of the crucial role of AI in shaping our future. It underscores the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, responsible research, and the inclusion of diverse perspectives in driving the next wave of AI innovations.

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