Global Coalition Launches Manifesto for Ethical AI Development


  • Ethical AI Manifesto challenges Big Tech’s profit vs human rights.
  • Global coalition advocates for inclusive, unbiased AI development.
  • Manifesto aims to reshape AI with diverse, equitable voices.

In a groundbreaking move, a global coalition of over 50 civil society and human rights organizations from more than 30 countries have united to introduce the “Civil Society Manifesto for Ethical AI”. This initiative is a direct response to the increasing concerns about the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in society and aims to influence AI policies towards protecting human rights and addressing biases in AI discourse.

Questioning the status quo in AI development

The coalition challenges the current state of AI development, questioning the dominance of specific voices, ideas, and values, particularly from the Silicon Valley perspective. Nina Sangma from the Asia Indigenous Peoples Pact highlights the conflict between Big Tech’s profit motives and their commitment to human rights. The manifesto probes the depth of Big Tech’s investment in fostering a technology that genuinely benefits society, rather than prioritizing profitability.

The coalition recognizes the urgency in addressing AI’s vulnerabilities, especially in the absence of comprehensive AI policies in most countries. They point out the “invisible” risks brought by the sudden reliance on AI, which include perpetuating existing societal inequities and biases. A critical example is AI-generated images often reflecting ageism, sexism, classism, and a Western-centric viewpoint.

Confronting data source toxicity

The manifesto also draws attention to the problematic nature of AI training data, which is frequently sourced from the internet and includes harmful stereotypes and toxic content. This flawed data foundation leads to biased AI outputs, a concern that is echoed by various research findings.

The coalition argues that the AI discourse has been predominantly shaped by Western, wealthy perspectives, leading to discrimination and marginalization in technology. Judith Membrives i Llorens of Lafede.cat emphasizes the need for AI to give visibility to marginalized voices and ensure inclusivity in the technological sphere.

Advocating for transparency and equal access

Mavalow Christelle Kalhoule, a civil society leader from Burkina Faso, stresses the importance of addressing systemic flaws in AI development to ensure inclusivity and transparency. The manifesto calls for a reimagining of AI that includes diverse perspectives and challenges the existing biases in the technology.

The civil society’s role in AI development

The manifesto asserts that civil society’s participation in AI development is crucial for ensuring that the technology is inclusive, accountable, and ethically advanced. It emphasizes the need for a global dialogue on AI that transcends sectorial and Western-dominated discussions.

Included in the manifesto are 17 case studies from the participating organizations, showcasing diverse experiences and visions for AI. These stories aim to build new paths for AI systems that promote rather than restrict global freedoms.

The call for a balanced AI development

Camilla Lohenoja from SASK underlines the need for civil society to assert its data rights and influence the direction of AI development. The manifesto argues for a balanced approach to AI that considers ethical and transparent technology, focusing on fairness and inclusivity in both design and decision-making processes.

The “Civil Society Manifesto for Ethical AI” represents a significant step towards redefining the future of AI technology. It advocates for a more inclusive, accountable, and ethical approach to AI development, emphasizing the role of civil society in shaping a technology that respects and enhances human rights globally. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a technologically advanced society that is fair and inclusive for all.

With the launch of the “Civil Society Manifesto for Ethical AI”, a new chapter begins in the discourse around AI development. The coalition’s effort to bring diverse voices to the forefront is a crucial step in ensuring that AI technology progresses in a manner that is beneficial and fair for everyone. This manifesto is not just a call for change; it’s a blueprint for a future where AI serves humanity in all its diversity.

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